CultureWednesday 04.20.22

Hall of Fame Tennis Player Pam Shriver recounts an alleged relationship with her coach while 17

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Pam Shriver, the Hall of Fame tennis player breaks her silence on an alleged relationship with her coach while she was 17 years old. The 22-time grand slam doubles champion goes on to say that the inappropriate relationship with her coach, Don Candy became complicated and crossed all boundaries. Shriver developed an intimate relationship with her 50-year-old coach which became physical and lasted around six years, while she was still a minor.

Shriver is currently a successful tennis broadcaster for ESPN and an authority on tennis coverage for BBC. She started to work with Candy when she was nine and the Australian tennis player was her coach when she reached the final of the US Open as a 16-year-old amateur.

Shriver, now 59 recounts the traumatic experience and said that “it was during a time that was a really difficult time for me to have my first relationship. It never should have been with my coach.”

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