PoliticsMonday 10.31.22

Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker: "I'm a football player, I'm a politician, I'm a lover."

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Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker dismissed President Obama’s analogy that people wouldn’t wan him flying a plane during a morning stump speech on Monday, saying “I’m not a pilot, I’m a football player, I’m a politician, I’m a lover.”

WALKER: Look at this border wide open. Did they talk about that? Did Obama mention that when he were talking about Herschel flying a plane? I don't want to fly a plane. I'm not a pilot, I'm a football player, I'm a politician, I’m a lover and I love everybody, that's what I am. I'm that warrior for God that he should have been when he was born but he's not. He want to talk about me.

Well I'm not a celebrity, because all he do is hang out with celebrity. He never hung out with me. I'll probably wouldn’t hang out with him anyway.

But anyway, anyway, let me get off him because he's not even running in this election here. So, why am I talking about him? He got to go. Go back to wherever you live at. Where did he live at? I don't even know. It don't really matter but it's a big house. It is a big house. So why is he worried about us? He never worked a day in his life. Hey, I built my own company but he never worked, built the company and I don't think Obama built one now neither did he? Obama never built one, Warnock never built one. What have they done in their life?

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