PoliticsFriday 04.22.22

FL House Rep. McCurdy (D): "We couldn't let this redistricting be drowned out by the governor's fight with Disney."

Florida house representative Travaris McCurdy said on Thursday that he couldn't let DeSantis’ fight with Disney determine the fate of the black community in the state.

The Florida House passed a new congressional map on Thursday, that is going to define the boundaries for the next ten years. The map proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis and his team eliminated two districts represented by Black democrats and gave an advantage to the Republicans in most of the remaining 28 districts.

McCurdy voiced his displeasure in a press conference on Friday and said that since the new map is going to rule the state’s power for the next decade, he needed to stand up against it. Though he knew he couldn’t change the outcome of the vote inside the chambers, he felt that it was important for the people outside to know what was going on in Tallahassee. He said that the governor’s political ambition was at the expense of the Black people.

McCurdy said that “This is too important. We couldn't let this redistricting be drowned out by Disney World and the governor's fight with Disney World.”

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