The Daily RecountWednesday, 09.25.2019

The "Transcript" \ The Complaint \ The Henchmen \ "..."

Wednesday, 09.25.2019
The "Transcript" \ The Complaint \ The Henchmen \ "..."
The U.S. broke its own COVID record yesterday, more questions arise about the Russia bounties, and a QAnon sympathizer wins the Colorado primary.
Wednesday, 07.01.2020
Trump Says *Again* That Coronavirus Will Disappear (He Hopes)
Jen Palmieri demonstrates how women's voices have sparked radical change in the past, and why they have a particular obligation to speak up now.
Wednesday, 07.01.2020
Palmieri's History Lesson on White Women Allyship: Part 2
Fauci warns of a worsening COVID curve, lawmakers raise questions about Russian bounty as intel evolves, and cities slowly move to reform police budgets across the country.
Tuesday, 06.30.2020
Fauci Issues Dire Warning, Dems Blast Trump Over Bounties
As cases rise across the nation’s Sun Belt, Trump seems to be losing support in reliably red states. Is there a correlation?
Tuesday, 06.30.2020
Sun Belt Spells Trouble for Trump
Coronavirus cases surge in 31 states, the Russian bounty report rocks D.C., and SCOTUS rules on an anti-abortion law.
Monday, 06.29.2020
Have We Missed Our Window to Control COVID?
As coronavirus rages across the country, new reporting reveals Russia offered to pay Taliban-linked forces to kill American soldiers.
Sunday, 06.28.2020
COVID Runs Rampant in 36 States, Russia Offers Bounty on U.S. Soldiers
One pandemic + two candidates with vastly different approaches + three months campaigning under COVID = a widening polling gap. Let Heilemann run the numbers.
Sunday, 06.28.2020
Amid Surging Cases, the Polling Gap Widens
How can white women be better allies to the Black Lives Matter movement? Jen Palmieri introduces us to the sometimes-fraught intersection of the women's suffrage movement and abolitionist movement, and what we can learn from history.
Saturday, 06.27.2020
Palmieri's History Lesson on White Women Allyship
The U.S. records its highest number of new COVID cases (again), the Trump admin pushes to repeal Obamacare (again), and D.C. aims for statehood (again).
Friday, 06.26.2020
Pence: “We've Flattened the Curve” ... The Curve Disagrees.
When simple memes and parody videos are labeled “doctored,” it distracts us from the truly deceitful fakes. Griffin Hammond explains what you need to keep an eye on.
Friday, 06.26.2020
Warning — Doctored Video
Take a look at where states fall when it comes to issuing face cover requirements and how it’s impacting their infection numbers.
Friday, 06.26.2020
Mask Mandates Around the U.S.
COVID surges to its highest levels since April, Biden surges ahead in six swing states, and the House surges forward with a vote on police reform.
Friday, 06.26.2020
Election & Police Reform: Which Way Will the Votes Go?
The U.S. has reported its highest number of new COVID cases since April — and if that weren’t enough, two high-pressure hearings on Capitol Hill led to some feisty partisan disputes.
Wednesday, 06.24.2020
COVID Cases Peak, Police Reform Blocked
Anti-establishment fervor swept through some of 2020's most watched down-ballot races last night. Republican voters defied President Trump, progressives found their moment, and the whole country got a preview of a vote-by-mail general election.
Wednesday, 06.24.2020
Patience, Insurgents Define Tuesday's Primaries
Poland’s Andrzej Duda, controversial for his views on the LGBTQ+ community, visits the White House during Pride Month, and just days before his upcoming election.
Wednesday, 06.24.2020
Trump Welcomes Right-Wing Polish President
Trump pays a visit to the border wall while in Arizona, Dr. Fauci testifies on Capitol Hill amid COVID spike, and primary voters head to the polls in Kentucky and New York.
Wednesday, 06.24.2020
Trump at the Wall, Fauci on the Hill
President Trump’s got 99 problems — and rising COVID cases, John Bolton’s tell-all book, and the fallout from Geoffrey Berman’s firing are just some.
Tuesday, 06.23.2020
Trump’s ABCs: Axed Attorney, Bolton Book, & COVID Cases
As states prepare to expand mail-in voting in response to COVID health concerns, the president is insisting the move will lead to rampant election fraud. His evidence? None.
Monday, 06.22.2020
Trump Attacks Voting by Mail
The number of COVID cases worldwide continues to mount. On Sunday, WHO reported the highest single-day jump in cases globally to date. Find out how Brazil, Peru, Germany, and more are faring.
Monday, 06.22.2020
Around the World: COVID Spikes in Brazil, Peru, Germany, & More
In a one-two punch over the last 48 hours, President Trump issued the firing of a top federal attorney and then encouraged a slowdown in COVID testing at his poorly-attended Tulsa rally.
Sunday, 06.21.2020
Trump Encourages Slowdown in Testing, Fires U.S. Attorney