CultureWednesday 10.12.22

Breonna Taylor's mom on why police shot 30+ bullets into daughter's home: "They were determined to not leave a witness.”

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Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, spoke on “Red Table Talk” about the fateful day that police conducted a “no-knock” search warrant on their home and killed Breonna Taylor.

WALKER: “I'm asking like, where's Brianna, where’s Brianna and he’s like we'll get to that when we get down here.

BANFIELD-NORRIS: “So they took you to jail and Brianna as far as you know, was still in the house.”

WALKER: “Yeah. I mean the last time I saw her I was in the hallway.”

SMITH: “And she was probably still clinging to life at that point.”

WALKER: “Exactly, if they would have did their jobs, did what you're supposed to do when someone's injured on a crime scene, they're supposed to render them aid.”

SMITH: “If they would have shot both of you, I just wonder would they have just been like, well, I guess it's time to go back to the station, like I don't under, like?”

WALKER: “There's nothing to wonder.”

PALMER: “The thing of it is, if Kenny wouldn't have lived we probably wouldn't have never know what happened that night because they've never been honest about the situation. Kenny lets off one shot and to return fire with 30 plus, they were determined to not leave a witness.”

SMITH: “Yes.”

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