PoliticsWednesday 04.27.22

Asked if democrats need consensus, Rep. Jeffries (D-NY) pivots to slam the GOP for taking "orders from the cult leader."

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House Democratic Caucus Chair Representative Hakeem Jeffries slams the GOP for taking “orders from the cult leader” when asked if the party needed consensus regarding the lifting of Title 42.

While speaking to reporters following their caucus meeting at the Capitol, Jeffries said that the democratic party was a coalition that always engaged in discussions to talk about the different public policy perspectives and “then find the highest common denominator to advance the ball for the American people.”

He slammed the Republican party for behaving like a cult and taking orders from the cult leader.

Speaking about the GOP he said that barring a few patriotic Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, most of the party members followed the orders from the leaders irrespective of how dangerous it was.

“We're a coalition that represents the broadest possible gorgeous mosaic of the American people in terms of race and religion and sexual orientation and gender and life experiences and region,” he said.


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