PoliticsWednesday 07.03.24

As no-fault divorce is threatened, history tells us husbands have to worry about the consequences.

In the 17th century, a woman took a vial off her nightstand and poisoned her husband. This was thanks to Giulia Tofana, who helped women wanting out of their marriages kill more than 600 men.

19th century Hungary: We have 70-year-old Thekla Popov. She was like the CEO of the murdering husbands factory, convicted of aiding and abetting women in the poisoning of 100-plus husbands.

20th century America: No poison, no problem. Bette Davis won an Oscar for portraying a woman who asks her husband to get a divorce. He says no; she runs him over with a car.

History tells us that if a woman wants out of her marriage, she WILL find a way.

Winds are picking up on lawmakers wanting to mess with something called no-fault divorce — which is effectively one of the few things in the United States that all 50 states agree upon. With politicians trying to end no-fault divorce, Grace Weinstein sees death in her crystal ball.

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