CultureFriday 05.06.22

Antonio Brown rips Colin Kaepernick: "We ain't respecting that, bro. You took the money, the commercials."

Antonio Brown, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver, criticized Colin Kaepernick during the Cigar Talk podcast recently. 

When asked about the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback being blackballed by the National Football League, Brown went on a rant saying, “All that cap like we ain't respecting that bro. You took the money, the commercials. We don't see you outside, we don't see him in the hood.”

Kaepernick and his former teammate Eric Reid filed a grievance against the league in 2017 alleging that they colluded against them for kneeling during the national anthem in the previous season. Kaepernick claimed that his action was in response to racial justice protests and a plea for a more peaceful and just society.

Brown claimed that Kaepernick settled the grievance with NFL in February 2019 and profited off his on-field protest.

Though Kaepernick did not play professional football after the 2016-1017 season, he continues to voice his opinions and work through his Know Your Rights Camp group.

Both Brown, now a free agent, and Kaepernick remain unsigned with no indication whether they will get to join any team this season.



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