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Friday, 05.29.2020

Trump’s Tweet Flagged for “Glorifying Violence”

A precinct in flames, a community in pain, an officer in handcuffs. Here’s the latest news from around in the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

A precinct in flames, a community in pain, an officer in handcuffs. Here’s the latest news from around in the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.
Friday, 05.29.2020
Trump’s Tweet Flagged for “Glorifying Violence”
Trump signs an executive order targeting social media, Minneapolis protests boil over after the killing of George Floyd, and the White House shields grim economic data.
Thursday, 05.28.2020
So About Trump’s Social Media Executive Order...
Today’s battles: 14 states square up against rising COVID cases, Trump squares up against Twitter’s fact-checking, and NASA squares up against the weather.
Wednesday, 05.27.2020
U.S. Passes 100,000 Deaths as Trump Picks Fight With Twitter
In: Wearing a mask like Biden and most of America. Out: Pool parties after the ones we saw this weekend. Up in the air: Vote-by-mail expansion before the election.
Tuesday, 05.26.2020
Biden Dubs Trump “Absolute Fool” For Mask Retweet
Despite participating in a wreath-laying ceremony today, the president spent a portion of the weekend golfing and mocking the appearances of female Democrats.
Monday, 05.25.2020
Trump Tweets and Golfs as Deaths Near 100,000
Reopened states buckle up for Memorial Day Weekend, Biden fields backlash for "you ain't black" remark, and Trump leans in further to feud with Michigan.
Friday, 05.22.2020
Biden Apologizes For “You Ain’t Black” Remark
Trump heads west to Michigan, COVID’s second wave heads south to reopened states, and unemployment heads north to 38 million
Thursday, 05.21.2020
How Many Deaths Could Have Been Avoided?
50 states start reopening despite no 14-day drop in cases,  Trump rages against vote-by-mail despite voting by mail himself, and Pompeo denies retaliation despite new watchdog investigation evidence.
Wednesday, 05.20.2020
50 States Partially Reopen, None Pass CDC Test
Trump deals with the fallout from his hydroxychloroquine bombshell, the U.S. threatens to pull funding from the W.H.O., and the Senate grills Powell and Mnuchin on stimulus spending.
Tuesday, 05.19.2020
Trump’s Not Happy With Pelosi’s “Morbidly Obese” Comment
The number of new cases in the South? Increasing. The White House and CDC? Clashing. The investigation into IG Steve Linick’s firing? Launching.
Monday, 05.18.2020
Is Trump Actually Taking Hydroxychloroquine?
It was a busy weekend in the nation's capitol: The House passed a $3 trillion D.O.A. relief proposal while Trump fired a fourth Inspector General within weeks.
Sunday, 05.17.2020
House Passes 4th Stimulus Bill, Trump Fires 4th Watchdog
Let’s break down Trump’s vaccine timeline, the House’s $3 trillion bill, and developments in the senatorial stock scandal.
Friday, 05.15.2020
Trump Says Vaccine Or No Vaccine, "We’re Back"
Dr. Bright presents his whistleblower testimony, Trump “totally” disagrees with Dr. Fauci, and jobless claims surpass 36 million in two months.
Friday, 05.15.2020
Dr. Bright Goes Dark, Trump Hits Fauci (Again)
Increasing today: coronavirus death toll projections, the price tag of the House's next relief bill, and questions about Kushner’s civics knowledge.
Wednesday, 05.13.2020
Trump Calls Fauci’s Reopening Remarks “Not Acceptable”
The Senate grills health officials at today’s coronavirus hearing, Mitch McConnell stirs up Obama drama, and the Supreme Court hears three big Trump cases.
Wednesday, 05.13.2020
Fauci Warns Against Premature Economic Reopening
Questions from today: When will there be extensive testing, what will the next relief bill include, and how will the DoJ help in the Ahmaud Arbery case?
Tuesday, 05.12.2020
Trump Defends Testing Strategy as Deaths Top 81,000
The nation’s top doctors are self-isolating amid a White House coronavirus scare, and 43 states are reopening amid a rising unemployment rate.
Sunday, 05.10.2020
The Week Everything Changed for the White House
Rounding out the week with April’s unemployment numbers, Congress’s plan for Americans, and Barr’s victory lap on the Flynn case.
Friday, 05.08.2020
Record-High Unemployment: Where Do Americans Go From Here?
The Trump admin shelves CDC guidelines for reopening, unemployment rocks 33+ million Americans in 7 weeks, and new research reveals COVID-19 is killing people of color at higher rates.
Thursday, 05.07.2020
CDC Guidelines Rejected, COVID Racial Disparity Revealed
24 states see a spike in cases, 2 whistleblowers file complaints against the Trump administration, and 100 senators return to Capitol Hill to tussle over stimulus aid.
Wednesday, 05.06.2020
States Reopen, Cases Spike, Whistles Blow
Today we’re hearing from governors on the value of a human life, Dr. Bright on his whistleblower complaint, and Rep. Ratcliffe on his 2nd-time DNI nomination.
Tuesday, 05.05.2020
How Much is a Human Life Worth? We're Finding Out
What to expect after today: a surge in cases and deaths, the Senate to return, and a vaccine in 12-18 months.
Monday, 05.04.2020
New Projection Anticipates Surge in Death Toll
Trump presses states to lift stay-at-home orders, while everyone presses Biden to respond to assault allegations.
Sunday, 05.03.2020
Trump's Working Weekend, Biden's Pressing Week
Twenty states ease restrictions with more following suit, Trump pushes a China conspiracy theory with no evidence to support, and Biden responds to assault allegations with flat denial.
Friday, 05.01.2020
Trump Bucks Intelligence, Biden Denies Allegation
States face premature reopenings, 18% of workers face job loss, and Joe Biden faces assault allegations
Thursday, 04.30.2020
30+ Million Americans Lost Jobs in 6 Weeks
Today we’re answering: What is considered a “voluntary quit?” How bad is the current state of our economy? And why is Justin Amash moving toward a presidential run?
Wednesday, 04.29.2020
Workers Face a Potentially Deadly Choice
More than 20 states are reopening as the predicted death toll rises to 74,000 and the federal reopening blueprint suggests testing 2% of population per month.
Tuesday, 04.28.2020
More States Reopen As Predicted Death Toll Rises
Three things to tackle today: why 13 states reopened, what actually happens at Trump’s briefings, and where does a phase 4 stimulus currently stand?
Tuesday, 04.28.2020
More States Reopening, Daily Briefings Backfiring
Several states reopen against White House wishes, Trump’s briefings are reevaluated after a few bizarre appearances, and rumors spread that Kim Jong-un is dead.
Sunday, 04.26.2020
All Eyes on Georgia (and North Korea)
Many Trumpian twists and turns today — from supporting the governor of Georgia to trashing him, from suggesting drinking bleach to writing it off as a joke, from signing the phase 3.5 stimulus to envisioning a phase 4.
Friday, 04.24.2020
Georgia Says “Yes” To Reopening, Everyone Says “No” To Bleach