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Monday, 06.14.2021

Would You Pay $28M to Go to Space with Bezos?

Hasta la vista, Bibi. A historic government coalition of left-wing, centrist, right-wing, and Arab parties brings a new political era to Israel. President Biden’s Eurotrip continues at the NATO Summit in Belgium. And one lucky (read: rich) bidder gets the trip of a lifetime.

Hasta la vista, Bibi. A historic government coalition of left-wing, centrist, right-wing, and Arab parties brings a new political era to Israel. President Biden’s Eurotrip continues at the NATO Summit in Belgium. And one lucky (read: rich) bidder gets the trip of a lifetime.
Monday, 06.14.2021
Would You Pay $28M to Go to Space with Bezos?
Turns out the Trump DOJ subpoenaed the phone records of at least two Democratic congressmen. Across the pond, the leaders of the world’s richest democracies are meeting face-to-face at the G7. And while the president is overseas, it’s still infrastructure “week” on Capitol Hill.
Friday, 06.11.2021
Biden DOJ Investigating Trump DOJ
President Biden announced the U.S. will donate 500 million vaccine doses to low-income countries. The controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is officially canceled. And it turns out: More vaccinations mean more baseball.
Thursday, 06.10.2021
Joe Biden’s Vaccine Diplomacy
Joe Biden embarks on his first foreign trip as president, every Republican senator votes to block debate on a bill intended to end the gender wage gap, and El Salvador becomes the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.
Wednesday, 06.09.2021
Biden’s First Foreign Trip: Goodbye Cicadas, Hello Europe
A stunning new bipartisan Senate report provides the most detailed timeline yet of the Capitol insurrection. We hate to break it to you, but you’re probably paying more in taxes than Jeff Bezos. And Elon Musk. Oh, and Warren Buffett. Plus, carbon dioxide levels are getting worse — and at the fastest rate in history.
Tuesday, 06.08.2021
January 6th: It’s Even Worse Than You Thought
Time is running out for the White House to reach an agreement with Republicans on an infrastructure bill. Sen. Joe Manchin isn’t making things easier. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos wants to leave the planet and gymnast Simone Biles breaks records once again. Watch out, Tokyo.
Monday, 06.07.2021
Bezos & Biles Take Flight
Facebook will no longer shield world leaders from content moderation. But it will shield the world from one former leader for (at least) two years. Bet you can guess who. Meanwhile, the DoJ is keeping busy these days with investigations into TWO of Trump’s allies. Again … you can probably guess who.
Friday, 06.04.2021
Facebook Suspends Trump For (At Least) Two Years
Israel’s prime minister has managed to unite the most unlikely of allies — against him, that is. Trump’s Justice Department secretly seized the phone records of reporters at three separate news organizations. Plus, the NFL retires a racist practice and Americans collectively decide to stop naming their children “Karen.”
Thursday, 06.03.2021
Netanyahu Unites Unlikely Allies (Against Him)
Another day, another cyberattack. The target? JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company. The culprit? Probably Russian hackers (again). Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans are making one final push to forge an infrastructure plan across the aisle. Only issue: They’re still about $800 billion apart on the price tag.
Wednesday, 06.02.2021
Biden Building Bridges (Or, Literally Trying To)
A barrage of bad behavior has taken our basketball arenas by storm — from water bottle launching to spitting to one-man court storming. People are praising tennis star Naomi Osaka for taking time away from the court to focus on her mental health after being fined for not talking to press at the French Open. Other news: remembering Black Wall Street and bringing new life to old art.
Tuesday, 06.01.2021
NBA's Bad Courtside Behavior: “We’re Not Animals”
35 Republican senators blocked the bill to establish a bipartisan committee to investigate the violent January 6 insurrection. In other news: a big travel weekend incoming, a big endorsement deal outgoing, and big hacking continues.
Friday, 05.28.2021
GOP Blocks Vote on January 6 Commission
Senate Republicans will all-but-certainly block a bipartisan measure to create a commission to investigate the events of January 6th. But the mother of fallen Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick is on the Hill trying to change that as the clock runs out. What else? Big oil takes a big “L” and COVID rates take a big “W.”
Thursday, 05.27.2021
Mother of Fallen Officer Sicknick Begs GOP For Action
Amazon has left the streaming industry shaken, not stirred, after dropping well over $8 billion to buy leading movie studio MGM. Trump’s old home is ramping up a criminal investigation — a Manhattan prosecutor is calling in a grand jury to evaluate the legality of the Trump Org.  And we’ve got trouble ahead for John Cena and some unruly airline passengers.
Wednesday, 05.26.2021
Amazon Has Shaken, Not Stirred, the Streaming Industry
The Floyd family is in D.C. continuing to push for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, despite Congress blowing Biden’s deadline for its passage. In other news: The Olympics are in trouble (again), Texas is passing some questionable legislation (again), and Russia is investigating Navalny (again).
Tuesday, 05.25.2021
One Year After Murder, George Floyd Police Reform Bill Stalls
Good karma: 50% of the U.S. population has at least one vaccine dose — and vaccines for kids are a go. Bad karma: Mayor de Blasio throws shade at Trae Young for trouncing the Knicks.
Tuesday, 05.25.2021
Top 5 Videos of May 25th
For the first time since June 2020, both the 7- and 14-day COVID case averages have fallen below 30,000. In Belarus, a flight was grounded for the sole purpose of arresting an opposition journalist. The Texas state Senate effectively banned teaching about racism in schools. And age is but a number in 2021… youth be damned.
Monday, 05.24.2021
The Year of the Veteran Takeover
Things that might surprise you today: Gov. Whitmer broke COVID restaurant rules, Andrew Yang can barely name a Jay-Z song, and Ron Swanson *would* get vaccinated.
Monday, 05.24.2021
Top 5 Clips of May 24th
The White House wants you to get laid. New information comes to light about the raid on Rudy Giuliani’s home and office. Alabama public schools end their 30-year ban on yoga. And this is not a drill: Cicada genitals are falling off.
Friday, 05.21.2021
White House, White House, Make Me A Match
After 11 days of deadly conflict, Israel and Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire. Stateside, President Biden signs the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law. And of course we have to talk about MLB’s stunning no-hitter streak.
Thursday, 05.20.2021
WTF Is Happening With No-Hitters?
In breaking news, the New York attorney general’s office is widening its probe into the Trump Organization. In crypto news, Bitcoin tanked 30% amid a wild digital currency sell-off. And in election news, the Arizona recount just got a lot more embarrassing for state Republicans.
Wednesday, 05.19.2021
Catastrophic Crypto Carnage
House Minority Leader McCarthy opposes the bipartisan deal to establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Capitol attack. WHO declares the world is in “vaccine apartheid.” And Gov. Andrew Cuomo got HOW MUCH from his pandemic book deal?
Tuesday, 05.18.2021
WHO: Vaccine Hoarding = Vaccine Apartheid
It’s a bad day to be Gates or Gaetz. Turns out Bill Gates sought marriage advice from Jeffrey Epstein before his divorce. Meanwhile, Rep. Matt Gaetz’s associate Joel Greenberg pleads guilty to six federal charges, including sex trafficking a minor.
Monday, 05.17.2021
Tick Tock, Matt Gaetz (and Bill Gates?)
Now that vaccinated Americans can (mostly) ditch their masks, will secretly-vaccinated House Republicans finally come clean? Plus, it’s Liz Cheney Replacement Day — and one Florida Man is getting all the praise. Speaking of Florida men, Rep. Matt Gaetz is still a sitting member of Congress in good standing. But that could all change soon.
Friday, 05.14.2021
Liz Cheney Replacement Day
Face-offs: Liz Cheney slams Fox while on Fox and Seth Rogen slams Ted Cruz for being a “terrible man.” Mask-offs: Jill Biden ditches a face covering at the museum.
Friday, 05.14.2021
Top 5 Clips of May 14th
Friendly reminder you can stop hoarding gas now. After the now-resolved ransomware attack on the East Coast’s Colonial Pipeline, President Biden is pushing his infrastructure plan harder than ever. Over in the Republican Party, it’s been quite the 24 hours. Let’s roll the tape, shall we?
Thursday, 05.13.2021
24 Hours in the Republican Party
The GOP conference chair is out, new messaging from Kevin McCarthy is in. And if Donald Trump ever runs for president again, he’ll have to go through Liz Cheney first. Meanwhile, the deadly exchange of rockets and airstrikes between Hamas and Israel shows no signs of stopping.
Wednesday, 05.12.2021
GOP Boots Cheney In Swift Vote
We’ve got a roundup of everything you need to know about the latest military conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem. Over on Capitol Hill, Dr. Fauci joined a House hearing today — and was promptly trolled by Sen. Rand Paul.
Tuesday, 05.11.2021
Eyes of the World on Jerusalem
One of the worst-ever cyberattacks on American infrastructure has caused a top U.S. fuel pipeline operator to shut down its entire network.  Elon Musk agreed that cryptocurrency was “a hustle” on SNL — and his beloved Dogecoin paid the price. Plus, the Kentucky Derby prize-winning horse tested positive for drugs.
Monday, 05.10.2021
Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Rollercoaster
The April jobs report is out, and it paints a portrait of an economy still struggling to recover from the pandemic. The Justice Department is sounding the alarm on a GOP-commissioned recount in Arizona. And a bee could perform your next COVID test. Yes, a bee.
Friday, 05.07.2021
Missing: Millions of Pre-Pandemic American Jobs
The White House supports a vaccine patent waiver. Gov. Ron DeSantis signs a very restrictive voting bill into law in Florida … as a Fox News exclusive. And heads up: Huge satellite space junk is falling out of the sky.
Thursday, 05.06.2021
Gov. DeSantis's Odd Bill-Signing Exclusive
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