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Wednesday, 09.23.2020

New Justice For SCOTUS? No Justice For Breonna Taylor.

The GOP is charging forward on a replacement for Justice Ginsburg. And speaking of justice, there was none to be seen for Breonna Taylor today: The police officer who killed her in March got off scot-free, and only one officer at the scene was charged at all.

The GOP is charging forward on a replacement for Justice Ginsburg. And speaking of justice, there was none to be seen for Breonna Taylor today: The police officer who killed her in March got off scot-free, and only one officer at the scene was charged at all.
Wednesday, 09.23.2020
New Justice For SCOTUS? No Justice For Breonna Taylor.
With 42 days until the election, Republicans are scrambling to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat, while Trump (falsely and dangerously) claims COVID-19 affects “virtually nobody.”
Tuesday, 09.22.2020
The Race to Replace RBG
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s final wish was for her vacancy to be filled by the next president — a wish Trump and the Senate GOP are already defying. Meanwhile, it would appear that not even 200,000 U.S. deaths can get Trump to change his tune on the pandemic.
Monday, 09.21.2020
Trump Defies RBG’s Last Wish
Last month’s CDC testing guidelines sent the scientific community into a tizzy. Now, it appears it was posted despite the objections of CDC scientists. Meanwhile, Minnesota emerges as a new star in the 2020 election — who woulda thought!
Friday, 09.18.2020
The Curious Case of CDC Meddling
As Trump continues his war on science in the name of his reelection campaign, AG Bill Barr compares COVID stay-at-home orders to … slavery.
Thursday, 09.17.2020
Raising Vaccine Hell, Lowering the Barr
Trump’s pandemic (mis)handling is taking center stage — and Biden’s making a bet voters are ready for a change in leadership. Meanwhile, a whistleblower is speaking out against horrific mistreatment of immigrant women in an ICE detention center.
Wednesday, 09.16.2020
COVID Corners Trump Campaign
President Trump is still holding indoor, mask-optional rallies along the campaign trail — even though Bob Woodward’s book proves Trump knows better. And speaking of the campaign trail, Joe Biden attempts to win over an important voter bloc.
Tuesday, 09.15.2020
Woodward Book Out, COVID Still Here
We’re in the final stretch, people — and both candidates are turning up the heat in their own ways. Meanwhile, the USPS is sending out information on how and when to vote by mail, which would be nice … if the information were accurate.
Monday, 09.14.2020
T-Minus 50 Days
September 11th of this year marks another somber anniversary: 6 months since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Meanwhile, Trump humbly compares himself to Winston Churchill during World War II.
Friday, 09.11.2020
Six Months In. No End In Sight.
Trump, his aides, and his allies are all scrambling to claim the president didn’t downplay the risks of COVID after interview tapes reveal he did just that. Meanwhile, the Senate is still locked in a stimulus stalemate.
Thursday, 09.10.2020
Trump Rages Against the Woodward Machine
Bombshell audio leaked today confirming that President Trump deliberately misled the public about COVID-19. And top officials testified on vaccine progress in front of the Senate today, highlighting the perils of an accelerated vaccine timeline.
Wednesday, 09.09.2020
Trump's Been Lying About COVID — And He Knows It
Nine pharma CEOs issue a vaccine safety pledge as President Trump promises a COVID vaccine “soon,” and the House Oversight Committee launches an investigation into postmaster general and Trump donor Louis DeJoy.
Tuesday, 09.08.2020
When the Pandemic Meets Politics
Reports claim he canceled a trip to visit a cemetery of fallen soldiers in Paris — reason being, the men and women who died in battle are “losers” and “suckers.” And new projection challenges the idea that when the calendar flips to 2021 our COVID numbers will look any better than they are now.
Friday, 09.04.2020
Troop Trashings and Weekend Warnings
In Wisconsin, Joe Biden visits with Jacob Blake's family and addresses racial injustice within the country. In New York, new footage of cops suffocating unarmed Black man Daniel Prude sparks renewed outrage.
Thursday, 09.03.2020
Biden Calls for Unity in Kenosha
Trump vs. Biden: We have the tale of two Wilmingtons, as both candidates hold campaign events with every different vibes. And Markey vs. Kennedy III: Sen. Ed Markey will forge ahead into the general election after defeating Rep. Joe Kennedy III in the Massachusetts primary.
Wednesday, 09.02.2020
Trump vs. Biden & Markey vs. Kennedy
The president landed in Kenosha today after the governor of WI and local officials asked him not to come — he will not meet with the Blake family. And HHS is looking for a new PR firm as Trump gets back to tweeting misinformation about the virus.
Tuesday, 09.01.2020
Trump's Unwelcome Visit to Kenosha
Protests rage on as the president plans to head to Kenosha, Wisconsin, against the governor's wishes — and the Director of National Intelligence announces a stop to in-person congressional briefings, opting for written memos on election security.
Monday, 08.31.2020
Protests Forge On, DNI Backs Out
Last night: The Republican convention came to a close with a low-energy President Trump and no social distancing in sight. Today: The Commitment March on Washington featured a sweeping slate of speakers, from current members of Congress to MLK Jr.’s granddaughter.
Friday, 08.28.2020
From Kenosha to D.C., From 1963 to 2020
The 17-year-old who shot and killed two BLM protesters in Kenosha has been arrested, and NBA players vote to resume playoffs after their historic strike rippled to other sports leagues — and riled up the White House.
Thursday, 08.27.2020
Kenosha Protests Settle Down, NBA Playoffs Heat Up
Last night: The situation in Kenosha, WI escalated after a 17-year-old counter-protester shot and killed two protesters. Today: The Milwaukee Bucks lead NBA players in a strike to demand justice for Jacob Blake.
Wednesday, 08.26.2020
The Bucks Stop Here
The overarching mood on RNC Night 1? Far from the optimistic outlook Republicans promised. The situation in Wisconsin? Far from peaceful after police shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake from the waist down.
Tuesday, 08.25.2020
Fear and Loathing at the Convention
The GOP convention kicks off in North Carolina, while Postmaster General Louis DeJoy faces off with the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill.
Monday, 08.24.2020
GOP Convention Kickoff, USPS Hearing Face-Off
Louis DeJoy, Joe Biden, and Steve Bannon had quite the 24 hours.
Friday, 08.21.2020
Make Your Own Pun: Biden Delivers, Postmaster Testifies
Former WH strategist and Trump adviser Steve Bannon was indicted for fraud today, while Joe Biden gears up to deliver the speech of a lifetime.
Thursday, 08.20.2020
All Eyes on Bannon and Biden
All 50 states (and territories) cast their delegates for Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden gives a stirring speech about her husband, and the Senate releases its bipartisan Russia report. Buckle up, it’s a doozy.
Wednesday, 08.19.2020
Senate Releases Damning Bipartisan Russia Report
Trump pulls out all the stops to outshine Democrats (including a controversial presidential pardon) and we preview what’s in store for Night 2 of the convention.
Tuesday, 08.18.2020
This One Goes Out to Susan B. Anthony
Trump visits battleground states to offer a full slate of counter-programming to the Democratic National Convention, and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy agrees to testify before Congress.
Monday, 08.17.2020
Trump Counter-Programs Dem Convention
46 states are in jeopardy due to Trump's postal service takedown, Biden and Harris call for a national mask mandate, and renewed bad blood takes over Capitol Hill despite congressional recess.
Friday, 08.14.2020
A Dire Warning From the USPS
Trump admits he wants to hold up funding the USPS in an effort to derail mail-in voting. On the flipside, Biden and Harris form their own pandemic response team. Meanwhile, the US has its deadliest day of the summer as schools move forward with reopening.
Thursday, 08.13.2020
Trump Admits It, Just Comes Out and Says it
The newest Dem duo makes their first campaign event appearance, COVID deaths hit all-time highs in Florida and Georgia as schools reopen, and two House races yield very different results.
Wednesday, 08.12.2020
Biden & Harris Take the Stage
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