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Tuesday, 11.24.2020

It's Official: Biden Transition Begins

As Team Trump picks up L after L, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy *finally* allows the Biden transition to begin. Good thing the president-elect already got the ball rolling: He announced key cabinet positions today.

As Team Trump picks up L after L, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy *finally* allows the Biden transition to begin. Good thing the president-elect already got the ball rolling: He announced key cabinet positions today.
Tuesday, 11.24.2020
It's Official: Biden Transition Begins
If you thought Donald Trump’s birthday gift to Joe Biden would be a concession — well, you thought wrong. In his latest Hail Mary, Trump invited two Michigan GOP legislators to the White House for ... a "chat."
Friday, 11.20.2020
Biden's Transition vs. Trump's Desperation
A tale of two interregnums: one of a president hiding in the White House tweeting bogus evidence of voter fraud, another of a president-elect preparing to take on COVID as deaths surpass 250,000.
Thursday, 11.19.2020
Brace for Impact on the COVID Collision Course
Going on 11 days that the Trump admin has locked Biden's team out of key COVID briefings. And last night in Michigan, we saw an unprecedented, partisan move when it came to certifying valid votes.
Wednesday, 11.18.2020
Vengeance in the WH, Chaos in Michigan
Trump is (still) refusing to concede — but Biden’s pushing forward with or without the current administration’s cooperation. And states impose new restrictions just in time for the holidays.
Tuesday, 11.17.2020
Trump’s Scorched-Earth Exit Strategy
Moderna has pulled up with good news after their vaccine trial yields grade-A early results, but Fauci still has concerns about distribution. Same story on the transition front as Trump refuses to concede.
Monday, 11.16.2020
Vaccine News, Transition Blues
Biden has locked in 306 electoral votes, so what's the hold up in moving forward with the transition? Members of the GOP, the administration, and the GSA are doubling down on their denial. And we're continuing to break COVID records, crossing 150,000 cases per day — even the Secret Service has been compromised.
Friday, 11.13.2020
150,000 COVID Cases A Day
The Trump administration’s latest effort to block Biden’s transition has a lot of lawmakers — yes, even Republicans — speaking out. But the troubling transition isn’t America’s only problem right now: COVID is completely and utterly out of control.
Thursday, 11.12.2020
You Are Now Entering COVID Hell
Joe Biden is the president-elect. Now that we’ve settled that, the Trump admin is grasping at straws to halt the transition. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether to uphold or gut the Affordable Care Act.
Tuesday, 11.10.2020
Trump Ignores His Loss, ACA Looks For a Win
Good news on the COVID vaccine front, as Pfizer's treatment is yielding great results — but again, bad news on the COVID case front, as numbers continue to rise. And guess which newly-elected official has already assembled his own task force?
Monday, 11.09.2020
A New COVID Task Force
Friday marks four days into the 2020 election. Joe Biden is 4 million votes ahead — but millions more votes are yet to be counted, and we gotta count 'em all. Here’s what we know so far.
Saturday, 11.07.2020
Election Day, Episode Four
We are officially less than 24 hours from the first polls closing. We have the dispatch from the final day of the campaign trail and the lowdown on Trump’s threats to Dr. Fauci.
Tuesday, 11.03.2020
E-Day Is Nearly Upon Us
Trump’s trying to make up a little ground in the too-close-to-call Midwest, but Biden’s also taking a tour of the region (though Biden’s plans follow CDC guidelines). About COVID: By holding huge rallies in states with spiking cases, Trump isn’t exactly helping.
Friday, 10.30.2020
Can Texas Swing? Can COVID Stabilize?
Alexa, play The Final Countdown. While the candidates make their pitches in Florida and Texas, the WH COVID Task Force warns of “unrelenting” spread as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths spike around the country.
Thursday, 10.29.2020
Candidates Become Florida Men, COVID Threatens “Unrelenting Spread”
Voters are comin’ in hot, but the people stranded after Trump’s Omaha rally are … not: The president left supporters to walk back to their cars in below-freezing weather. And then claimed to have ended the pandemic. But that's far from reality.
Wednesday, 10.28.2020
Trump Strands Omaha Fans
Obama’s headed to Florida again to lock it up for his pal Joe Biden and Trump is zooming across the Midwest to make his closing arguments. Meanwhile, we walk you through Amy Coney Barrett's first day on the job.
Tuesday, 10.27.2020
While Candidates Play, SCOTUS Sways
It’s the last week of October. Sh*t’s about to get even more real. VP Pence faces off against COVID within his staff (again), while the fall COVID surge reaches alarming heights nationwide.
Monday, 10.26.2020
Another Day, Another White House COVID Cluster
The final debate is behind us. Election Day is straight up ahead. In between, we have a crowded campaign trail and a worsening COVID surge.
Friday, 10.23.2020
Election Countdown, COVID Count Up
The Biden campaign brings in its closer to seal the deal in Pennsylvania, and Amy Coney Barrett gets one step closer to becoming the next Supreme Court justice.
Thursday, 10.22.2020
44 Million+ Votes and Counting
Biden brings out his star endorser and former boss to seal the deal in Pennsylvania, while Democrats and Republicans inch closer to a COVID stimulus negotiation on Capitol Hill.
Wednesday, 10.21.2020
Obama Makes His Triumphant Return
Thursday’s presidential debate will get a “mute” button, bringing new meaning to “Will you shut up, man?” And in SCOTUS news: The court ruled ballots in crucial swing state Pennsylvania can be counted if they’re received up until the Friday after Nov. 3
Tuesday, 10.20.2020
Debate Presses Mute, SCOTUS Makes Noise
Trump’s strategy for the final two weeks of the campaign has been revealed: Discredit science and ramp up MAGA rallies. That should work out great, considering COVID is utterly out of control throughout the country — up 60% since mid-September.
Monday, 10.19.2020
Trump Bashes Biden for Siding with Science
As the candidates hit the campaign trail running after their dueling town halls, the fall COVID surge reaches dangerous territory
Friday, 10.16.2020
The State of the Race ... Against COVID
Joe Biden brings in a record-breaking cash haul, Dr. Fauci wants you to rethink your Thanksgiving plans, and Lindsey Graham quite literally begs for money.
Thursday, 10.15.2020
Biden’s Haul, Fauci’s Warning, Graham’s Groveling
A whopping 11 million ballots have already been cast, but Trump and Biden still have ample time to make their final pleas to voters — in very different ways. Another day on Capitol Hill leaves more questions than answers.
Wednesday, 10.14.2020
Two Campaigns Diverge in the Final Stretch
Amy Coney Barrett skirted question after question from senators today, citing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the process. And a clear mission emerges among our two candidates: Campaign like your political life depends on it.
Tuesday, 10.13.2020
Campaigning Like Careers Depend On It
Biden’s way ahead in national polls and in battleground states. Trump, well, he's lashing out. And while today marks 22 days until the election, it also marks the first day of Senate hearings for SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett.
Monday, 10.12.2020
Biden Leads, Trump Rallies
The president's erratic behavior this week has people wondering: Are the COVID treatments making him act this way, or is he just … like this? Consider: After a foiled attempt to kidnap the Gov. Whitmer, Trump criticized her for not thanking him for the arrests.
Friday, 10.09.2020
Trump's Week of Whiplash
The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the candidates’ next joust will be virtual, prompting the COVID-infected president to back out. Speaking of: Why does the White House repeatedly refuse to disclose the date of Trump’s last negative test?
Thursday, 10.08.2020
Trump Bails on Biden for Second Debate
In today's abnormalities: The president rapid-fires on Twitter about stimulus plans, announcing that a bill hinges on his reelection. And that White House COVID circle continues to grow.
Wednesday, 10.07.2020
Trump's COVID Tweets Cause Whiplash
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