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Friday, 09.24.2021

Joe Biden Wins 2020 Election Again (and Again and Again)

In a highly unusual move, the CDC director overrules her own advisory board and expands who is eligible for a booster shot. Donald Trump’s sham Arizona election confirms what we already know: Joe Biden is, in fact, president. Plus, a new investigation has found that TikTok’s algorithm is feeding dangerous COVID misinformation to children.

In a highly unusual move, the CDC director overrules her own advisory board and expands who is eligible for a booster shot. Donald Trump’s sham Arizona election confirms what we already know: Joe Biden is, in fact, president. Plus, a new investigation has found that TikTok’s algorithm is feeding dangerous COVID misinformation to children.
Friday, 09.24.2021
Joe Biden Wins 2020 Election Again (and Again and Again)
The EPA is making a big move to combat the climate crisis. Airbnb is taking a big step to help Afghan refugees. And the U.S. is recording a big jump in murder rates — the largest since national record-keeping began in 1960.
Thursday, 09.23.2021
Only Murders in the Country: U.S. Killing Rate Jumps
Jen Psaki shuts down Fox News' Peter Doocy (again). Boris Johnson quotes Kermit the Frog in his U.N. address. Plus, we've got four words for you: Sexy Bernie Sanders Costume.
Thursday, 09.23.2021
Top 5 Clips of September 23rd
It’s a clash of the political factions up on Capitol Hill as a government shutdown looms on the near horizon. In new lawsuits, shareholders claim Facebook overpaid on an FTC fine in order to protect CEO Mark Zuckerberg from personal liability. Plus: Get to know Florida’s questionable new surgeon general and a term called “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”
Wednesday, 09.22.2021
Holy Zuck: Shareholders Put Facebook CEO on Blast
Amid political turmoil at home and abroad, Joe Biden delivered his first speech to the U.N. General Assembly as commander-in-chief. COVID is officially America’s deadliest pandemic, eclipsing the 1918 Spanish flu. Plus, who needs a therapist when you have an iPhone?
Tuesday, 09.21.2021
U.N. Didn’t Laugh at the U.S. President This Year
This year’s Emmy-winning actors have qwhite a lot in common. One Texas doctor reveals he provided an abortion in violation of the state’s new law. And speaking of Texas, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding at its border — thanks to a Trump-era policy that the Biden admin is fighting to keep alive.
Monday, 09.20.2021
Qwhite the Emmy Awards This Year
About 1 in every 400 Florida residents who were alive in March 2020 has since died of COVID-19. A new humanitarian emergency at the border: More than 10,000 Haitian migrants have crossed the Rio Grande and are sleeping outdoors under a bridge in South Texas. And get ready to call your favorite celebs.
Friday, 09.17.2021
Florida Free Fall: Sunshine State's Staggering Stats
At least seven radio hosts have died from COVID in the past few weeks alone. The U.S. booster shot campaign is creating a riff within the medical community and highlighting a glaring divide in global vaccine equity. Plus: The White House offers to explain to Nicki Minaj how vaccines work. Spoiler alert: She declined.
Thursday, 09.16.2021
America's Most Dangerous Job: Conservative Radio Host
Two experts on pet behavior, Dr. Nicholas Dodman and Dr. Stephen Zawistowski, join The Recount Daily Pod to talk about the increase in pet adoptions during the coronavirus and how new pet owners are grappling with the responsibility of daily pet care. Plus, stay tuned to the end of the episode for a special guest appearance of host Reena Ninan’s new puppy, Colonel.
Thursday, 09.16.2021
Discussing Surge in Pet Adoptions During COVID-19
The California recall cost a staggering $276 million for an election that was called 46 minutes after polls closed. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, four gymnasts bravely testified about Larry Nassar’s abuse and the FBI’s cover-up. Plus: A new study reveals the kids are *not* alright and a new mandate reveals Fox News is hypocritical AF.
Wednesday, 09.15.2021
Ya Win Some, Ya Newsom
GOP lawmakers immediately attacked the Biden administration for its COVID mandates, but they're actually way less divisive than Republicans think. Plus, a new study finds Facebook exempts its most high-profile users from the platform’s rules. And we can’t believe we have to say this but: Don’t take vaccine advice from Nicki Minaj or her cousin’s friend with the swollen testicles.
Tuesday, 09.14.2021
Nicki Minaj’s Vaccine Research Is Not Going Well
Democrats are trying to pass a key provision of President Biden’s agenda. But there’s one giant roadblock, and its name is Senator Joe Manchin. Speaking of Biden, he’s headed out West to address COVID, climate change, and the California recall. Plus: In the wake of Texas signing its restrictive abortion bill into law, could a mass corporate Texodus be on the horizon?
Monday, 09.13.2021
Texodus? Salesforce Offers Relocation Over Abortion Ban
Back in 2015, Elizabeth Holmes was a media darling, a tech startup figure who was the world's youngest self-made billionaire. Her company Theranos promised to revolutionize the blood testing business. Turns out, it was a lot more hype than reality. Rebecca Jarvis, host of “The Dropout'' podcast and ABC News chief business, technology & economics correspondent, joined The Recount Daily Pod to dig into the details.
Friday, 09.10.2021
Rebecca Jarvis Has Lots of Questions for Elizabeth Holmes
As expected, Republicans aren’t happy with the Labor Department’s vaccine-or-weekly-testing mandate for large companies. Stat of the day: Children now represent more than a quarter of weekly COVID cases. Plus: Americans owe a startling amount in student loans and Amazon’s offering a different kind of back-to-school sale this year.
Friday, 09.10.2021
Blue 46, Set, Hut: Biden Goes on Offense
The notion of climbing the ladder of success through education and hard work is not only a lie, it’s a danger to democracy. Michael Sandel, author and Harvard University professor, talks with host Faiz Shakir about why education can’t and won’t solve all of society’s problems, and the importance of reframing the way we think about success.
Friday, 09.10.2021
Avoiding the Meritocracy Trap
The Justice Department is suing Texas over its new heartbeat abortion/bounty hunting law, warning of the dangerous precedent it could set if gone unchallenged. In Portland, officials are already backtracking on a citywide vaccine mandate to exempt one of its bureaus: the police department. And speaking of police, LAPD officers could be sliding into your DMs soon. Consider yourself warned.
Thursday, 09.09.2021
Biden Admin WILL Mess With Texas
While the United States takes 50 steps back, Mexico leaps forward — and unanimously decriminalizes abortion. After 13 years of conservatorship, Britney Spears is closer than ever to finally being free. Plus: Girls go to college to get more knowledge … seriously. Women now make up nearly 60% of college students, an all-time high.
Wednesday, 09.08.2021
What Women Want (College Degrees)
In 31 states, at least 1,000 schools have already closed. In 10 days, 15 staff members in Miami public schools have died. And in a new poll, 59% of parents support mask mandates for students and staff. Speaking of COVID implications, millions of Americans abruptly lost federal unemployment benefits … on Labor Day … in the middle of a pandemic.
Tuesday, 09.07.2021
Millions Dumped From Unemployment Amid Delta Surge
Gov. Greg Abbott signs a restrictive voting bill into law, despite Texas House Democrats fleeing the state to stop its passage. Meanwhile, Jill Biden returns to in-person teaching, becoming the first FLOTUS to work a full-time job outside the White House.
Tuesday, 09.07.2021
Top 5 Clips of September 7th
As in-person learning resumes across the country, a record number of students are being admitted to the hospital instead of heading back to school. Plus: Thanks to the Supreme Court, red states have a new template for passing extreme abortion restrictions in their state — and at least six of them are drafting bills as we speak.
Friday, 09.03.2021
Red States Want to Copycat Texas Abortion Law
In an unsigned, one-paragraph decision that came in the middle of the night, the SCOTUS essentially ended reproductive rights as we know them. Also overnight: The remnants of Hurricane Ida paid an apocalyptic visit to the Northeast. And let’s talk about COVID misinformation and two of its biggest superspreaders, Donald Trump and Joe Rogan.
Thursday, 09.02.2021
SCOTUS Turns Back Clock on Reproductive Rights
Nearly 50 years ago, the Supreme Court affirmed abortion as a constitutional right. Overnight, that all changed. In Florida, they’re in the midst of a full-blown COVID crisis ... but you wouldn’t know by the state’s misleading death data. And on Capitol Hill, Kevin McCarthy seems awfully worried about the Jan. 6th investigative committee obtaining his phone records.
Wednesday, 09.01.2021
Nation’s Strictest Abortion Law Takes Effect in Texas
Bad news: Global warming is sparking an unprecedented wildfire season. Good news: A federal judge just threw out a Trump-era rule that scaled back crucial environmental protections. Plus, Elizabeth Holmes has a new title to add to her ever-growing résumé: Theranos founder, former billionaire, new mom, and now, defendant.
Tuesday, 08.31.2021
Bloody Hell: The Trial of Elizabeth Holmes
On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana has been devastated once again. A Category 4 storm, Hurricane Ida is now one of the strongest landfalls in U.S. history. According to Mississippi’s GOP Gov. Tate Reeves, COVID is a matter of “eternal life” and death. And under the Biden administration, climate change will officially be designated a public health crisis.
Monday, 08.30.2021
Mississippi COVID Crisis: Matter of “Eternal Life” and Death
The Supreme Court’s conservative majority flexes its judicial power to the detriment of millions of Americans facing eviction. While the rest of us suffered through a pandemic, the ultra-rich got $1.8 trillion richer. And after months of partisan battling, Texas Republicans pass their restrictive voting bill.
Friday, 08.27.2021
Millions Face Eviction, Thanks to SCOTUS
An entire generation of Afghan women has grown up with liberties and rights unimaginable under the previous Taliban regime. How will the current leadership treat its female population under its renewed rule? Gayle Tzemach Lemmon is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who has written extensively about Afghanistan. She joins The Recount Daily Pod host Reena Ninan to discuss out what’s at stake and what she’s hearing from the women of Afghanistan.
Friday, 08.27.2021
The Future of Afghan Women & Girls Hangs in the Balance
In Florida and Texas, Republican governors are doing their very best to make things worse. In Afghanistan, military evacuations reach a deadly and devastating boiling point. In El Salvador, there will officially be two national currencies: the U.S. dollar and Bitcoin.
Thursday, 08.26.2021
DeSantis and Abbott: Brothers in Unvaccinated Arms
A new study finds that a Johnson & Johnson booster shot could increase crucial antibodies *nine-fold.* The Afghanistan women’s national soccer team faced danger under Taliban rule, so Australia welcomed them with open arms. Plus, the Nirvana Baby is all grown up … and now he’s suing the band for "sexual exploitation."
Wednesday, 08.25.2021
Nirvana Lawsuit: Smells Like Greed Spirit
The U.S. military is in a race against the clock to evacuate as many Americans and vulnerable Afghans as possible before Biden’s August 31st deadline. Now Airbnb is stepping up to offer 20,000 refugees a free place to stay. In national news: Florida just reached 3 million cases, a total surpassed by only 2 other states and 15 *countries* in the entire world.
Tuesday, 08.24.2021
Florida: The COVID Epicenter
The vice president's flight gets delayed for three hours because of the mysterious Havana Syndrome. New York gets a new, history-making governor. And on the same day TikTok launches in-app shopping, Taylor Swift's dress gets snapped up.
Tuesday, 08.24.2021
Top 5 Clips of August 24th
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