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Wednesday, 03.03.2021

Pence Emerges … To Push the Big Lie

Up on Capitol Hill, hearings continue to reveal more about what happened during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Former VP Mike Pence pens an op-ed perpetuating the same Big Lie that almost got him killed. And Biden’s Cabinet faces its very first defeat on Capitol Hill. Neera, we hardly knew ya.

Up on Capitol Hill, hearings continue to reveal more about what happened during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Former VP Mike Pence pens an op-ed perpetuating the same Big Lie that almost got him killed. And Biden’s Cabinet faces its very first defeat on Capitol Hill. Neera, we hardly knew ya.
Wednesday, 03.03.2021
Pence Emerges … To Push the Big Lie
Boy, have we got something different today: Some *good* COVID news. Cases? Down. Hospitalizations? Down. Vaccinations? Up. Meanwhile, Republicans across the country are weaponizing Trump’s Big Lie to pass new restrictive voting laws. And two prominent politicians face allegations of sexual harassment.
Tuesday, 03.02.2021
GOP Weaponizes Trump’s Big Lie
Can you believe it’s March … again? Or has it been March this whole time? Who’s to say, really. Two things we *can* say for sure? President Biden has the country’s longest to-do list, for one. And two, he just took a big step to prove he’s a big union guy.
Monday, 03.01.2021
Biden Backs Amazon Union Vote
The $15 minimum wage is gone, but the White House promises it’s not forgotten. President Biden takes a trip down to Texas while Ted Cruz flees to somewhere sunnier … again. And Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine just got the greenlight from an FDA advisory committee.
Saturday, 02.27.2021
Biden in Texas, Cruz MIA Again
Johnson & Johnson could be America’s third approved vaccine and first single-dose option. President Biden recalibrates our foreign policy strategy. And OMB nominee Neera Tanden’s confirmation faces an uphill climb.
Thursday, 02.25.2021
One Step Closer to One-Shot Vaccine
We got our first public hearing about the January 6 insurrection today — 48 days after the deadly attack. Senators went over the harrowing details with Capitol police leadership, and as the former police chief describes it: “These criminals came prepared for war.”
Tuesday, 02.23.2021
Jan 6th Hearing: Rioters Came “Prepared for War”
It’s a critical week for President Biden’s pandemic relief bill, which just made it out of the House Budget Committee. But perhaps nothing highlights the need for relief more than the inconceivable milestone the U.S. has just hit: 500,000 COVID deaths.
Tuesday, 02.23.2021
U.S. Hits Darkest COVID Milestone Yet
Texas is (mostly) back on the grid, but fallout from the winter storm hasn’t ended yet: Clean tap water is still hard to find. And while Sen. Ted Cruz unpacks his suitcase, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has stepped in to help.
Saturday, 02.20.2021
Cruz Fled While AOC Fundraised
In Texas, power is slowly coming back after days of outages. Thousands of people are still in line for food, water, and gas. People are being told to boil tap water. And yet Sen. Ted Cruz tried to embark on a beachside vacation in Cancún.
Friday, 02.19.2021
Ted Cruz Flees Texas Amid Crisis
A blame game unfolds over why Texas’s power grid failed and left millions vulnerable. The White House seems stumped on how to safely reopen schools. And lawmakers make the case for reparations (for the 32nd year in a row).
Wednesday, 02.17.2021
No, Frozen Windmills Are Not Texas’s Problem
Some Republicans have already started downplaying the insurrection after the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump — but the former president isn’t off the hook just yet. And for a political party constantly decrying “cancel culture,” Republicans sure do love to cancel their own.
Tuesday, 02.16.2021
The Grand Old Canceling
It was the Trump legal team’s turn to defend their client from conviction. It took three hours — but we promise we can give you everything you need to know in about one minute. Here’s your summary of impeachment: day four.
Saturday, 02.13.2021
Impeachment Day 4: The Defense Rests
The Democrats’ case against Donald Trump is signed, sealed, and delivered. House managers spent day 3 attempting to prove the former president’s link to right-wing violence before, during, and after the Jan. 6 attack. Will it be enough to sway Republican votes?
Thursday, 02.11.2021
Impeachment Day 3: “Would You Bet Your Democracy on That?”
Today the impeachment managers laid out their case, arguing that the violent mob of insurrectionists were incited and unleashed by Donald Trump. Here are the key moments, in case you didn’t catch the testimony — or couldn’t sit through the graphic footage.
Wednesday, 02.10.2021
Impeachment 2, Day 2: Dems Make Case
If you didn’t watch today’s opening arguments, here’s a quick summary: The House impeachment managers gave poignant constitutional and personal testimonies, and Trump’s lawyers … they still seem to be figuring it out.
Wednesday, 02.10.2021
Impeachment Off to a … Confusing Start
Get your popcorn out, America. Trump’s second impeachment starts tomorrow. But … is the trial over before it even begins? Plus: a critical week for Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package and a historic labor union vote at an Amazon fulfillment center.
Monday, 02.08.2021
Impeachment Week 2.0 Begins
Bad day to be Rudy Giuliani … like, an even worse day than it *usually* is to be Rudy Giuliani. What else today? Senate vote-a-rama ends in a tie-breaking vote, and the U.S. has another (!) vaccine on the horizon. Plus, happy Super Bowl weekend to all who celebrate.
Friday, 02.05.2021
VP Harris’s Tiebreaking Vote
The GOP has pitched a tent big enough for everyone — even the violent conspiracy theorists. How generous! In other news: Greene is stripped from committee seats, some virus variants may be more deadly, and Netflix is getting served. Plus, updates on India and Myanmar.
Friday, 02.05.2021
Biden’s Message to the World: We’re Back
It’s the GOP vs. the GOP on Capitol Hill this week. Which wing of the party will win out? Today’s big stories: Another promising vaccine data drop, Biden still wants to go big on relief, and Amazon’s getting a new CEO. Plus, not a great week to be Elon Musk.
Wednesday, 02.03.2021
The Great Republican Rift
America’s one, true bipartisan issue: loving Dolly Parton. As for other people making news: Pres. Biden signs immigration executive orders, Rep. AOC recounts Jan. 6, and Navalny gets sentenced to 3.5 years. Plus, trans health care finally gets a much-deserved investment.
Tuesday, 02.02.2021
Biden Moves on Family Separation
President Biden is facing a major “unity” test. Will Republican senators sink his bipartisan COVID relief dreams? More of today’s questions: What — and who — will be the future of the GOP? What’s WallStreetBets’ next big buy? And what’s going on in the rest of the world?
Monday, 02.01.2021
Impeachments and Protests and Coups (Oh My)
Congress is investigating the volatile stock market, the insurrection’s emotional toll keeps rising, and Facebook’s oversight board is cracking down. Plus, a good COVID vaccine news alert! Getting tired of hearing that? No? Neither are we.
Friday, 01.29.2021
Biden Admin Has Its Eyes on Robinhood
President Biden’s action-packed first 100 days continues. Today’s focus: health care. Also on the docket: Wall St. vs. Main St. rift deepens,2020 was the worst economy in 80 years, and one GOP lawmaker may face expulsion.
Thursday, 01.28.2021
QAnon Congresswoman Faces Expulsion
Today we got a lot of people asking: WTF is going on with GameStop? Hopefully this will get you up to speed. Plus, the Biden administration takes a bold stance in tackling COVID and the climate: actually following the science.
Thursday, 01.28.2021
What's Going On With GameStop Stock?
Which senator is presiding over Trump’s second impeachment *and* had cameos in five Batman movies? Find out here. Plus: Surge in U.S. poverty rate, Biden’s racial equity mandate, and tech companies combatting misinfo ... too late?
Tuesday, 01.26.2021
Biden's Racial Equity Pledge
Biden’s taking measures to slow the spread, but some new COVID variants are inspiring dread. Here’s what else: Rudy may pay an expensive legal toll, Trump’s transgender military ban is null, and next Sunday’s the Super Bowl! Plus … will Italy do what the Trump administration didn’t?
Monday, 01.25.2021
Biden Reverses Trump-Era Policies
One year of COVID, and our economy is worse for wear. Can Pres. Biden fix it? A few more questions: Why did National Guard troops get moved to the garage? Will Sens. Hawley and Cruz face consequences? Will Google leave Australia? And ... can dogs smell COVID?
Friday, 01.22.2021
Biden Targets Economic Crisis
Looks like Joe Biden’s already shaking things up around here. Get the lowdown on: his sweeping new COVID plan, Dr. Fauci’s comeback, and un unhappy pandemic-versary. Plus, some good news — brought to you by women.
Thursday, 01.21.2021
Biden Unveils COVID Plan (With Fauci!)
Welcome to the Biden era, everybody. Let’s rewind and go through how this historic day unfolded in our special inauguration edition of the Daily Recount.
Thursday, 01.21.2021
Inauguration Day: Biden-Harris Era Begins
Feel the winds of change in the air? Today marked the last full day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Here’s what else: Biden preps for swearing-in, COVID deaths are incredibly grim, and new real estate hotspot: Austin. Plus, why’d the Mets fire their GM?
Tuesday, 01.19.2021
Trump's Final Hours in Office
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