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Thursday, 01.21.2021

The Problem of the 50/50 Senate

The U.S. Senate is split equally for the first time in 20 years, highlighting the growing representation gap — and structural flaws — in the body.

The U.S. Senate is split equally for the first time in 20 years, highlighting the growing representation gap — and structural flaws — in the body.
Thursday, 01.21.2021
The Problem of the 50/50 Senate
One survey finds that the COVID pandemic could be forcing singles to look past the superficial in their search for love. And it may last well beyond the pandemic.
Thursday, 01.21.2021
Has COVID Changed Dating for Good?
In his final hours in office, Donald Trump went on a spree of pardons and commutations, freeing friends, celebrities, and some notoriously corrupt public officials.
Wednesday, 01.20.2021
Trump's Final, Swampy Pardons
Trump supporters, who for years chanted “Blue Lives Matter,” left blue lives battered after the Capitol insurrection. Will the GOP ever be able to reclaim the law and order platform after January 6th? (Warning: Includes footage some may find disturbing.)
Friday, 01.15.2021
Blue Lives Battered
Ten House Republicans made Donald Trump’s second impeachment the most bipartisan one ever — but many are eyeing one member in particular: Liz Cheney.
Friday, 01.15.2021
GOP Impeachment Votes Foreshadow Party Clash
With days to go before his inauguration, the president-elect is signaling a sharp turn in national leadership, rolling out a $1.9 trillion economic package and a vaccine distribution revamp.
Friday, 01.15.2021
Biden Announces "American Rescue Plan"
Physicians and estheticians say they're seeing increased interest in cosmetic procedures as mask-wearing and video-conferencing has put more focus on the face.
Friday, 01.15.2021
'Zoom Effect': Pandemic Spikes Interest in Plastic Surgery
On January 13th, Lisa Montgomery became the first woman put to death by the federal government since 1953 — fueling new calls for the practice’s abolition and highlighting the Democratic Party’s evolution on the issue.
Thursday, 01.14.2021
First Woman Executed by U.S. in 70 Years
It's considered one of the worst human-made environmental disasters in U.S. history. Now, nine government officials are being charged for their role in exposing hundreds of Flint residents to deadly lead levels.
Thursday, 01.14.2021
Ex-MI Gov Pleads Not Guilty to Flint Water Crisis
With the FBI indicating new and deepening terrorist plots around Inauguration Day, D.C.'s security forces are scrambling to keep up.
Tuesday, 01.12.2021
Alarming New Inauguration Plots Reported
Corporate America continues its financial retreat from the GOP. Hallmark is even demanding a refund. But should we be giving credit to companies for backing away now after funding sedition?
Tuesday, 01.12.2021
Money Talks, Bullshit Walks
Law enforcement has begun arresting some of the most prominent faces of the attack on Capitol Hill — in some cases, aided by their social media broadcasting.
Tuesday, 01.12.2021
Arrests Begin For Capitol Hill Attack
As more undiscovered musicians find success on TikTok, music industry executives turn to the platform to bolster its popular artists.
Tuesday, 01.12.2021
How TikTok Is Reshaping the Music Industry
The coronavirus continues to shed light on health disparities across communities of color, some of which have been linked to environmental injustices.
Tuesday, 01.12.2021
Why Fighting Environmental Racism is a Priority
While the world waits to see whether Trump will face consequences for his role in the January 6th insurrection, some companies have already made up their minds.
Monday, 01.11.2021
Corporate America Pulls Plug on Trump
While the rest of the nation reckoned with the Trump-incited attack on the Capitol, his media allies invented a different culprit.
Friday, 01.08.2021
Trump's TV Cheerleaders Spread Antifa Conspiracy
It happened: Twitter has permanently banned President Trump from the platform. We rounded up a few experts to speak to Wednesday's events that sparked the decision, the responsibility of tech companies, and where we go from here.
Friday, 01.08.2021
Big Tech's Trump Ban
With the country still making sense of the Trump mob's attack on the Capitol, new questions are emerging around how it entered at all.
Friday, 01.08.2021
Congress Zeroes in on Capitol's Security Fail
Some Trump administration officials have hit their breaking point — and they’re starting to resign in droves. Only took a literal insurrection to get ‘em there. Farewell to these brave souls.
Thursday, 01.07.2021
A Wave of Trump Admin Resignations
Rather than pushing their ambitious climate plans to the wayside, European leaders are using the economic fallout from the coronavirus to further accelerate their agenda. The U.S. should take notes.
Thursday, 01.07.2021
What We Can Learn from Europe's Green New Deal
With Democrats sweeping Georgia's Senate runoffs and reclaiming the Senate, many are once again crediting one figure: Stacey Abrams.
Wednesday, 01.06.2021
Abrams Cements Georgia Triumphs
The Atlanta Dream helped unseat their team's co-owner, Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, in the Georgia runoff races. What's next for the team? Enter LeBron James.
Wednesday, 01.06.2021
WNBA's Activism Worked Overtime
The doomed efforts by many congressional Republicans to block certification of Joe Biden's win aren't just about this election — they're about the future of the GOP.
Tuesday, 01.05.2021
Certification Battle Previews Post-Trump GOP
Here's why Anne Hidalgo, the feminist mayor of France’s capital city, is all too happy to pay 90,000 euros for violating a 2012 law to put more women in senior government positions.
Tuesday, 01.05.2021
Paris Fined for Hiring Too Many Women
The UK is the first to approve the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. And it couldn’t come at a better time — as the UK battles a new highly contagious COVID variant.   Oh and that new strain? It’s now here in the US.
Wednesday, 12.30.2020
UK Approves Landmark COVID Vaccine
With the Georgia runoffs a week away, Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue now say they will back Trump and the bipartisan call for $2,000 direct payment stimulus checks.
Tuesday, 12.29.2020
GA Senators Now Support $2,000 Stimulus Checks
The White House promised that 20M Americans would be vaccinated by the New Year. With 2 days left until that deadline, how’s that going? Answer: Not so well.
Tuesday, 12.29.2020
Trump Admin Fumbles Vaccine Rollout
Many Twitter rants and rounds of golf later, the president has finally put his signature on the $900B COVID relief package. With the delay, benefits may have lapsed for millions while Trump failed to improve the bill.
Monday, 12.28.2020
COVID Relief: Too Little, Too Late?
Anthony Warner killed himself and injured three others in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville. Many on social media are calling this domestic terrorism. Why aren't the Feds?
Monday, 12.28.2020
Why Isn't Nashville Bombing Called "Terrorism" Yet?
Trump's list includes George Papadopoulos, 2016 campaign aide who was convicted of lying to Congress, and the four Blackwater guards who massacred 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007.
Wednesday, 12.23.2020
Trump's Egregious Pardon Spree
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