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Sunday, 04.11.2021

HIV Vaccine Potential From COVID mRNA Tech

The fight against COVID may just lead to a major technological breakthrough in HIV prevention. Here’s how it could work.

The fight against COVID may just lead to a major technological breakthrough in HIV prevention. Here’s how it could work.
Sunday, 04.11.2021
HIV Vaccine Potential From COVID mRNA Tech
The U.S. Senate is split equally for the first time in 20 years, highlighting the growing representation gap — and structural flaws — in the body.
Friday, 04.09.2021
The Problem of the 50/50 Senate
This is not a drill: The recent surge in takeout dining has led to a shortage of ketchup packets in the U.S. Now the industry is struggling to … catch up.
Thursday, 04.08.2021
New COVID Shortage: Ketchup
Vaccine passports are not a real thing in the U.S. at the moment. They’re a concept, with zero mandates to actually require them. But they are worth a reasonable discussion. Let’s talk about it.
Wednesday, 04.07.2021
What's Up With Vaccine Passports?
Republican leaders are lining up against President Biden's proposed tax increases on corporations and the wealthy — but their voters aren't.
Wednesday, 04.07.2021
Biden Tax Push Highlights GOP-Voter Disconnect
The Chicago suburb will pay Black residents $10 million in reparations over the next 10 years. The first $400,000 will focus on discriminatory housing practices. The local program could become a model for the country.
Tuesday, 03.23.2021
Evanston IL Approves First-Ever Reparations Plan
California Governor Gavin Newsom could be removed from office in the middle of his 4-year term. Here's how it works and what's at stake.
Tuesday, 03.23.2021
How California’s Recall of Gov. Newsom Works
At its core, artificial intelligence is designed to make our lives easier. But if the people designing the tech are not representative of the greater population, it could cause more harm than good.
Monday, 03.22.2021
A.I.'s Big Diversity Problem
Tribes across the U.S. have vaccinated their populations at rates that pass the majority of states and they’re helping neighboring communities as they go.
Tuesday, 03.16.2021
Native Americans Set Example for Vaccinations
The latest COVID stimulus bill will give $5 billion to Black and minority farmers. One GOP senator is blasting the move as "reparations" while one Black farmer says it's the legislation he's been fighting for for decades.
Monday, 03.15.2021
Black Farmers Finally Get Some Relief
As more companies adjust to the idea of work from home in the months and maybe even years ahead, it could also play into the way we travel. Some companies are deciding to capitalize.
Thursday, 03.11.2021
Hospitality Companies Bet Big on Remote Workers
Less than a year after the killing of George Floyd, cities across the U.S. are moving millions of dollars from police budgets and investing it into their communities.
Wednesday, 03.10.2021
Defunding the Police Is Starting In These Cities
The results are in from year one of the Stockton, California guaranteed income pilot program and the results are so positive, they even shocked researchers. Former Stockton Mayor Michael D. Tubbs talked to us about how he's using the data to take basic income mainstream.
Tuesday, 03.09.2021
Stockton, CA's Basic Income Program Really Paid Off
Psychedelics are rising in popularity as more research finds the positive impacts they have on issues like depression, anxiety and PTSD. Microdosing coach Adam Bramlage weighs in on why legalization could take off even faster than marijuana.
Friday, 03.05.2021
Could Psychedelics Help Ease a Mental Health Crisis?
As cases decline across the U.S., Texas and Mississippi are lifting all mask mandates and opening at 100% capacity. But experts warn we are far from out of the woods.
Wednesday, 03.03.2021
Some States Fully Reopening Despite CDC Warnings
Movie theater attendance declined in the years prior to the pandemic. More and more audiences now feel comfortable streaming at home. As the nation ramps up vaccinations, the future of the industry hangs in the balance.
Wednesday, 03.03.2021
Could COVID Spell the End of Movie Theaters?
The question of reopening schools remains one of the most fraught and baffling of the pandemic. Here’s why it’s important to get kids back in the classroom.
Monday, 02.22.2021
The Case For Reopening Schools
If you’ve browsed the children’s section of your local bookstore recently, you may have noticed the stories have undergone quite the evolution. We explore what these progressive new offerings mean for educators and their curriculums.
Monday, 02.22.2021
The Evolution of Children’s Books
In the midst of a crisis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed renewable energy for outages before having to walk back those comments. This is not the fault of the Green New Deal.
Saturday, 02.20.2021
Abbott's Bad-Faith Attack on Renewable Energy
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new set of recommendations to safely reopen schools. Here’s what you need to know.
Sunday, 02.14.2021
New CDC Guidance on Schools
As people across the world flock to the outdoors for fresh air in the pandemic, some big cities are getting extensive green facelifts.
Thursday, 02.11.2021
COVID and a Greener Urban Future
Nevada remains the only state where women have held a majority in both chambers, but other states are quickly catching up.
Wednesday, 02.10.2021
Nevada's Female-Majority Legislature Is Leading the Way
A Texas-based organic coffee shop called La La Land Kind Cafe is offering foster youth who recently aged out of the system a chance to develop skills, earn a livable paycheck, and so much more.
Monday, 02.08.2021
This Coffee Spot Fosters Kindness
Multiple studies have shown that dogs are a beneficial audience when a child is learning to read. When the pandemic hit, such in-person literacy programs turned virtual. Now, the demand has never been higher.
Monday, 02.08.2021
Can You Spell D-O-G-S?
Just months ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom was the Golden State's golden boy. Now, a recall effort is threatening his political career.
Friday, 02.05.2021
California Gov Faces Mounting Recall Effort
WallStreetBets, the Reddit forum that spurred the GameStop stock surge, has been characterized as a boy’s club. Where does that leave women looking to take charge of their personal finances?
Friday, 02.05.2021
The Future of Finance Is Female
Some state Democrats are already whispering about using redistricting to punish Trump's fiercest allies and counterbalance red states' gerrymandering.
Thursday, 02.04.2021
Gerrymandering Battle Lines Begin to Emerge
With Democrats finally in control of the Senate, many want to kill the filibuster once and for all — but obstacles and myths remain in their way.
Tuesday, 02.02.2021
Democrats Face Filibuster Folklore
Johnson & Johnson reports its vaccine protects against COVID-19 — with just one shot. Its overall efficacy percentage may not be as impressive as its two-dose rivals … but it has some very real advantages for the U.S. and the rest of the world.
Friday, 01.29.2021
J&J: U.S. May Soon Have Third Vaccine
Opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s appeal to be released from jail has been shot down. And despite international calls and domestic protests demanding his freedom, the Kremlin is doubling down.
Thursday, 01.28.2021
Russian Courts Deny Navalny Release From Prison
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