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Monday, 10.26.2020

Road to Recovery: Holiday Travel In a Pandemic

Last year, the U.S. broke holiday travel records. This year, we’re in the midst of a pandemic. We break down how COVID-19 is impacting the road, rail, and airline industries this holiday season.

Last year, the U.S. broke holiday travel records. This year, we’re in the midst of a pandemic. We break down how COVID-19 is impacting the road, rail, and airline industries this holiday season.
Monday, 10.26.2020
Road to Recovery: Holiday Travel In a Pandemic
If we can buy groceries or pay our bills online, why can’t do the same with voting? We look to Estonia for answers.
Monday, 10.26.2020
Will We Ever Vote With Our Phones?
The Justice Department has reached a settlement with Purdue Pharma for its role in creating America’s opioid crisis. But some state AGs want more than a settlement — they want criminal charges against individuals.
Friday, 10.23.2020
OxyContin Maker’s $8-Billion Settlement
Three years after the Trump administration halted its zero-tolerance border separation policy, an effort to locate the parents is proving unsuccessful.
Wednesday, 10.21.2020
Where Are the Parents of 545 Separated Migrant Children?
It's the biggest antitrust lawsuit the U.S. has seen in two decades and could lead to a breakup of the tech giant.
Tuesday, 10.20.2020
Justice Department Sues Google Over Antitrust
Incumbent Senator David Perdue helps opponent Jon Ossoff raise about 2 million dollars following his intentional mispronunciation of Kamala Harris name at a Trump rally.
Monday, 10.19.2020
Georgia Senator Mocks Kamala's Name
Many Americans say they’re waiting for a vaccine to return to normal. Four large-scale vaccines are currently in the final phase of trials in the U.S. — we explain the different technologies at play.
Monday, 10.19.2020
Road to Recovery: Waiting For a Vaccine
Senate Republicans are facing tight reelection campaigns in Maine, Iowa and Georgia. The results could lead to the body flipping blue.
Friday, 10.16.2020
Dems Eye Control of Senate
Like Facebook and Twitter before it, YouTube announces it will remove QAnon conspiracy theory content in an effort to curb the spread of online hate, harassment, and misinformation.
Friday, 10.16.2020
YouTube Joins QAnon Crackdown
Trump says he's willing to raise his offer in order to get a COVID-19 relief bill passed with Pelosi in the House, but his problem may lie more with McConnell and Senate Republicans.
Thursday, 10.15.2020
Stimulus Stalemate (Still)
A record number of voters are mailing in their ballots this year. But in two states, the seemingly simple process isn't turning out to be so simple.
Tuesday, 10.13.2020
Ballot Box Woes in TX and CA
The "Bubble" at Disney World in Florida was created to protect players from COVID-19 during the restarted season, and it did just that: zero positive cases in 90+ days.
Monday, 10.12.2020
What the NBA Bubble Can Teach Us About COVID
Portland, Oregon, joins a growing list of cities to ban the controversial surveillance technology that has Republican Rep. Jim Jordan and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … in agreement.
Monday, 10.12.2020
Strictest Facial Recognition Ban in U.S.
Health experts warned this was coming: The U.S. is now consistently reporting higher daily cases than we’ve seen in months. And it may get worse from here — a key model warns of a deadly winter ahead.
Monday, 10.12.2020
Fall COVID Surge Is Here
Louisville police release new documents and body camera footage from the night of the raid, raising more questions over why police targeted her apartment.
Saturday, 10.10.2020
New Evidence Released in Breonna Taylor Case
Four large-scale COVID-19 vaccines are in the final phase of trials in the U.S. At play are two different types of technology. Allow us to decode how the country’s leading candidates work.
Friday, 10.09.2020
Decoding Vaccines: How The Big 4 Work
The move is one of the most sweeping actions the social media giant has taken in its history. But it may be too little too late.
Friday, 10.09.2020
Facebook Bans QAnon
Here's how international networks are covering the president’s brief hospital visit.
Tuesday, 10.06.2020
How Some Foreign Media Sees Trump’s COVID Diagnosis
Beatrice Lumpkin, well-known in her Chicago community for her union work, is calling this the most important election of her lifetime.
Tuesday, 10.06.2020
102-Year-Old Woman Makes Sure Her Vote is Counted
Ken Paxton, a staunch Trump ally and frequent champion of conservative lawsuits, is under new fire after seven of his employees accused him of bribery and abuse of power.
Monday, 10.05.2020
Texas AG Faces Legal Scrutiny — Again
A damning new study from Cornell University finds President Trump is the leading source of misinformation across the world in the coronavirus pandemic.
Friday, 10.02.2020
Pandemic Misinformation King
More Than A Vote reached a major milestone in its effort to combat systemic racism and voter suppression: Over 10,000 people signed up to be poll workers.
Friday, 10.02.2020
LeBron James Recruits 10,000 Poll Workers
This election has shaped up to be unlike any other. More Americans than ever before are opting to mail in ballots or vote early in-person.
Thursday, 10.01.2020
Early Voting By The Numbers
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin look to make a deal on the next coronavirus relief package before Congress goes on its last recess before the election.
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
Last-Ditch Stimulus Talks Resume
Whether you plan to vote in-person or by mail, here's how to ensure your vote counts this November.
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
How To Vote This Election
The world approaches a grim new COVID-19 milestone as more than 30 U.S. states see an increase in coronavirus cases. This, as the CDC director criticizes President Trump's newest task force adviser.
Monday, 09.28.2020
CDC Director Slams New Trump Medical Adviser
Seeking to reframe the health care debate weeks before the election, Trump signed two executive orders yesterday — but critics and allies alike are questioning their purpose.
Friday, 09.25.2020
Trump Scrambles on Health Care
Florida Republicans are investigating Michael Bloomberg's aid to ex-felons regaining the right to vote, another wrinkle in a state key to both candidates' hopes this November.
Thursday, 09.24.2020
GOP Targets Bloomberg Bucks
Officer Brett Hankison is being charged with "wanton endangerment" for firing into other apartments. But a grand jury did not charge any officer directly in Breonna Taylor's death.
Wednesday, 09.23.2020
Louisville Officers Not Charged in Breonna Taylor Killing
A 3-year-old lives out his dream, a posse of volunteers helps reunite animals with their owners, and an 18-month-old reacts to being able to hear for the very first time.
Tuesday, 09.22.2020
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