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Friday, 08.07.2020

Navajo Nation: Not Out of the Woods Yet

The Navajo Nation is healing from widespread COVID-19 cases — but a second wave of the virus and unresolved infrastructure problems could impede their efforts.

The Navajo Nation is healing from widespread COVID-19 cases — but a second wave of the virus and unresolved infrastructure problems could impede their efforts.
Friday, 08.07.2020
Navajo Nation: Not Out of the Woods Yet
Cori Bush just unseated 20-year incumbent Rep. Lacy Clay as the Democratic nominee for Missouri’s 1st District. This is the story of the working-class mother, activist, and politician.
Wednesday, 08.05.2020
Who is Congressional Hopeful Cori Bush?
A $22-million handshake 30 years in the making, an 18,000-mile world-record trip on five continents, and an amazing COVID survivor lead our Good News Tuesday.
Tuesday, 08.04.2020
Good News Tuesday!
As Brazil approaches 100,000 deaths and President Bolsonaro recovers from coronavirus, nearly half of the country’s doctors say they’ve felt pressure to prescribe the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine.
Friday, 07.31.2020
Brazil's Big COVID Spike
Axios's Jonathan Swan presses Trump on the intel surrounding Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers — intel that Trump calls "fake news." But it gets worse.
Wednesday, 07.29.2020
Why Didn't Trump Ask Putin About Bounties?
The Trump Administration signed a deal to secure hundreds of millions of doses of a coronavirus vaccine. What's the latest on the vaccine race?
Wednesday, 07.22.2020
Vaccine News You Can Use
Essential workers across 160 cities walked off the job on Monday, demanding their employers not just say that Black Lives Matter — but prove it.
Tuesday, 07.21.2020
The Strike For Black Lives
The Trump administration took advantage of a pandemic to expel foreign students from U.S. universities. Here's how some high-profile lawsuits got ICE to back down quickly.
Wednesday, 07.15.2020
Victory for International Students in the U.S.
Attorney General Barr promised the death penalty would resume under his watch. It has. On Tuesday Daniel Lewis Lee died by lethal injection, against the wishes of his victims' family.
Tuesday, 07.14.2020
First Federal Execution In Decades
Congress has two weeks to pass another stimulus bill before millions of Americans lose extra unemployment benefits. So what's the holdup?
Monday, 07.13.2020
Is Any More Stimulus Coming?
Amid the #StopHateForProfit ad boycott, Facebook commissioned an independent audit of how it handles hate speech, misinformation, and bias. The results? Not great.
Thursday, 07.09.2020
Facebook Fails Civil Rights Audit
This week's unanimous Supreme Court ruling about "faithless electors" raises questions about why the Electoral College exists and whether we'll ever see it abolished in favor of a presidential popular vote.
Wednesday, 07.08.2020
What Does SCOTUS Ruling Mean For the Electoral College?
Georgia Gov. Kemp declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard, leading state Democrats to wonder … why?
Tuesday, 07.07.2020
GA Governor Calls in Reinforcements ... For What, Though?
Armed Black militia marches on a KKK stomping grounds — Stone Mountain's monument to the Confederacy — as the president plans to erect a national monument garden.
Monday, 07.06.2020
Growing Calls to Demolish Stone Mountain in Georgia
Former Vice President Biden had a big fundraising quarter and out-raised President Trump. But Trump's campaign says money isn't everything.
Thursday, 07.02.2020
Biden Beats Trump in Fundraising
As cases rise across the nation’s Sun Belt, Trump seems to be losing support in reliably red states. Is there a correlation?
Tuesday, 06.30.2020
Sun Belt Spells Trouble for Trump
Take a look at where states fall when it comes to issuing face cover requirements and how it’s impacting their infection numbers.
Friday, 06.26.2020
Mask Mandates Around the U.S.
Anti-establishment fervor swept through some of 2020's most watched down-ballot races last night. Republican voters defied President Trump, progressives found their moment, and the whole country got a preview of a vote-by-mail general election.
Wednesday, 06.24.2020
Patience, Insurgents Define Tuesday's Primaries
Poland’s Andrzej Duda, controversial for his views on the LGBTQ+ community, visits the White House during Pride Month, and just days before his upcoming election.
Wednesday, 06.24.2020
Trump Welcomes Right-Wing Polish President
As states prepare to expand mail-in voting in response to COVID health concerns, the president is insisting the move will lead to rampant election fraud. His evidence? None.
Monday, 06.22.2020
Trump Attacks Voting by Mail
The number of COVID cases worldwide continues to mount. On Sunday, WHO reported the highest single-day jump in cases globally to date. Find out how Brazil, Peru, Germany, and more are faring.
Monday, 06.22.2020
Around the World: COVID Spikes in Brazil, Peru, Germany, & More
There were Juneteenth commemorations across the country today, as the long-time celebration of the end of slavery in the U.S. took on new meaning amid the national anti-racism movement.
Friday, 06.19.2020
Juneteenth 2020
The Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration's effort to end the Obama-era program shielding young immigrants from deportation — a major blow to the president's signature issue.
Thursday, 06.18.2020
DACA Dreamers Handed Big SCOTUS Win
There is a radical group whose members have been arrested for inciting violence around the country. But it’s not Antifa. So what is the boogaloo movement?
Thursday, 06.18.2020
Who Are the Boogaloo Boys?
The House is set to vote on a bill granting statehood to the District of Columbia next Friday, a historic first amid rising tensions between the Trump administration and local leaders.
Wednesday, 06.17.2020
A Historic Vote For D.C. Statehood
Oxford University researchers say the steroid dexamethasone is a “breakthrough” in treating severe cases of COVID-19 — but the announcement didn’t come without some pushback from the scientific community.
Tuesday, 06.16.2020
Dexamethasone: Promising New COVID Treatment
In the span of two weeks, two black men were found hanged from trees. Law enforcement initially ruled both as suicides, but family and neighbors don't believe that's the story.
Tuesday, 06.16.2020
Feds Investigating Two California Hangings
Brazil, China, and Pakistan are just some of the countries grappling with recent spikes in coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, New Zealand hasn't had a new case in more than three weeks.
Monday, 06.15.2020
Around the World: Covid Cases Tick Up
As COVID cases rise to record highs in Florida, Rebekah Jones explains why she was fired from her job in Florida's Health Department after speaking out against reopening.
Monday, 06.15.2020
Fired Florida COVID Data Scientist Speaks Out (Again)
Trump is attacking Seattle’s state leaders after protesters took control of a police precinct and created their own “autonomous zone” in the city.
Thursday, 06.11.2020
Trump Lashes Out Over Seattle Protests
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