Burrow vs. Stafford and the best QB narrative, why L.A. is not yet an NFL town, and the league’s cynical response to the Brian Flores lawsuit

On this episode of The Long Game with LZ & Leitch ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, LZ and Will delve into all things NFL. They talk about which of the dueling quarterbacks has the more compelling narrative — the Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow or the Los Angeles Rams’ Matthew Stafford; whether Los Angeles is an NFL town now, given it’s home to a Super Bowl contender (oh, and the Chargers); and break down the league’s insincere reaction to former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores’ lawsuit, including purely coincidental (yeah, right) head coaching interest in Lovie Smith. The hosts end the show with “This Week in Sports History” and Aaron Rodgers’ surprising playoff futility, and also take audience questions concerning how the Flores lawsuit will resolve and what to expect ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

Join us for our next livestreams on Twitch, twice this Wednesday from the Super Bowl in Los Angeles – at 12pm ET and 5:15pm ET.



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