BusinessFriday 02.11.22

Who’s REALLY Paying for Your Cup of Joe?

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Morning news shows are filled with reports that your daily cup of coffee is getting more expensive. While it’s true that climate change and supply chain shortages have been driving up the cost of unroasted coffee (now at its highest point in over a decade!), the price of your morning cappuccino hasn’t changed very much. But someone is paying the price, whether it’s the local small business owner or the coffee farmer 8,000 miles away. Sahra Ngyuen, CEO and founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, estimates that over 20 people touch each coffee bean before it even reaches the consumer, and says the opaque process of coffee production often means economic exploitation for many of them. We talk with Sahra and Andrew Richter, head roaster of Brooklyn-based Gotham Coffee Roasters, to understand how a coffee bean makes its way from the tree to your cup, and all the stages in between.

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