PoliticsWednesday 09.07.22

What's up with Donald Trump Jr.'s pronunciations?

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What's up with Donald Trump Jr.'s pronunciations? In this funny compilation, Donald Trump Jr, who is the eldest son of Trump’s children, seems to be imitating the way his father pronounces some words, especially “Biden.” He hasn’t always spoken like this, is he imitating his father or has just adopted his unique way of speaking.

Donald Trump Jr. has risen in the ranks with his father and has become an imperative person in the MAGA world. With the way he is pronouncing some of these words, it seems that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

DONALD TRUMP JR.: “Joe Biden. AOC. Joe Biden essentially. The Biden administration. Jobs. Jobs. The Biden Administration. The FBI. Still masked at times. Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the guy they're gonna call. Hunter Biden's laptop. James Comey. China to Russia. The release of the affidavit is out. Joe Biden. We wish Joe Biden well. WNBA political activist. China.

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