PoliticsThursday 09.01.22

What is Rep. David Cicilline’s (D-RI) top priority in the coming months? “Defense of our democracy.”

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In a recent interview with The Recount’s Steve Morris, Rep. David Cicilline was asked about Looking ahead to the next few months. Besides the midterms, what's one thing he would want to keep an eye on in the coming months he answered, “The one thing that I think everyone should keep an eye on is the behavior of candidates, and office holders concerning this existential threat to our democracy to people speak the truth.” He said, “Look, you can have disagreements on policy, but when you have people making up lies and supporting still the big lie that Donald Trump wants, that's the indication to you.” He furthered, “That person is not worthy of your vote or holding office. So I think defending our democracy has to remain a top priority. All the other issues we're dealing with must be addressed. We will continue to address this, but it requires a functioning democracy to succeed in all those issues. And so, I hope that will remain the central focus of people's concerns over the next several months.”

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