PoliticsFriday 06.07.24

"What are we going to? Yo mama jokes next?": Fox News contributor questions Biden comeback to Trump's border critique.

Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell on Friday questioned President Joe Biden's comeback to Donald Trump’s criticism of his executive order restricting asylum at the border.

“As I listened to the president, who, Donald Trump lodged a legitimate concern about his border policy, calling him 'weak and pathetic',” Caldwell told anchor Trace Gallagher. “And he's like, oh, what is it, he weak and pathetic? What are we going to? Yo mama jokes next?”

Caldwell’s response referenced Biden’s interview with ABC News' David Muir, which aired on Thursday. Muir asked Biden to comment on the former president's criticism of the executive order that Biden issued on Tuesday that temporarily closes the southern border to most asylum claims.

Biden took action on the border after Congress failed to pass a bipartisan immigration package in February. Republicans, including Trump, have attacked the new policy as insufficient.

“We went from one of the safest borders in U.S. history to one of the most porous,” Caldwell said. “One that many folks from across the world are pouring into from places that we never would have anticipated.”

Caldwell later added, “I don't understand that this president seemingly doesn't take an issue that's so concerning for many of the American people.”

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