PoliticsFriday 09.02.22

WH Press Sec. Jean-Pierre: "Standing up for democracy is not political. Denouncing political violence is not political."

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In a statement today, WH Press Sec. Jean-Pierre said, “Standing up for democracy is not political, denouncing political violence is not political, defending rights and freedom is not political. WH Press Sec. Jean-Pierre wanted to clarify that the nation's challenges are not political. She said, “We don't call any of that political. We see that as leadership. We see that as Presidential.” And as far as what the President will say tonight, we’ve discussed this. When he talks about the “soul of the nation,” this is a — this is not a topic that is new to him. If you follow — if you followed him throughout this administration, also through the campaign, this is a topic that he has talked about for some time, since 2017. She reiterated the President’s speech would not be a political speech. “This is an opportunity, again, for the President to directly have a conversation with the — with the — the American people.

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