PoliticsMonday 10.17.22

WH Press Sec. Jean-Pierre reacts to concerns about PA Senate Dem. nominee John Fetterman's health after a stroke.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacted to concerns about Pennsylvania Senate Democrat nominee John Fetterman's health after a stroke in May. Recently, Fetterman revealed that as a result of his stroke, he has difficulties with auditory processing, leading to his ability to serve in office being questioned.

REPORTER: “As the President prepares to appear with John Fetterman later this week in Pennsylvania, there's obviously, as you know, been a lively debate over Fetterman’s health following his stroke, do you know if the President believes there's any sort of reason for concern on that point specifically?

JEAN-PIERRE: “So again because it's connected to the to his election, I want to be really careful, the HATCH Act, that's something that we do respect and adhere to here but speaking only about the President's personal conversation with Lieutenant Governor Fetterman, the President has found him to be an impressive individual. And who is just as capable as always and who's carrying out his office. He's currently Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania as we know and he's doing that with great ability and heartfelt concern for the people of the commonwealth. So yes, the President feels that he is, he is very much capable of doing the job.”

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