PoliticsTuesday 09.06.22

UN Secretary General Guterres: "To deal with climate change ... with a business-as-usual approach is pure suicide."

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UN Secretary General Guterres talks to the press regarding climate change. He tells the press to not only focus on the war between Russia and Ukraine, but on another serious and immensely pressing matter, climate change. With deadly flooding in Pakistan and famine in the Horn of Africa, climate change is continuing to have lethal affects across the world.

“There is a lot of attention on the war of Ukraine, but people tend to forget there is another war - the war we are waging on nature. And nature is tracking back. And climate change is supercharging, the destruction of our planet. Pakistan. Chad. The Horn of Africa where the drought is causing famine. All these things represent an enormous threat to all of us. Today, it is Pakistan. Tomorrow it can be anywhere else. To deal with climate change, that is the defining issue of our time, with a business-as-usual approach is pure suicide. Thank you very much.”

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