PoliticsMonday 02.05.24

Trump says border bill “very bad” for Sen. Lankford’s career, falsely claims he “did not endorse” him.

Donald Trump went after lead GOP Senate border deal negotiator Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) while appearing on Dan Bongino’s radio show Monday.

“I did not endorse Sen. Lankford,” Trump falsely claimed to Bongino, who asked if he would endorse an opponent to the senator in his potential 2028 reelection campaign. “I didn’t do it. He ran and I did not endorse him.”

The former president did, in fact, endorse Lankford in September 2022.

“But this is a very bad bill for his career, and especially in Oklahoma,” Trump continued. “The people in Oklahoma are, you know, these are serious MAGA — these are serious people. They are not going to be happy about this, Dan, when they see this.”

“This is crazy. This is lunacy, this bill. And you know what it is? It’s a gift to the Democrats,” Trump said.

“And this sort of is a shifting of the worst border in history onto the shoulders of Republicans,” the former president added. “That’s really what [the Democrats] want. They want this for the presidential election so they can now blame the Republicans for the worst border in history.”

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