PoliticsWednesday 05.29.24

“Those polls are gonna turn. I'm confident of it": First Lady Jill Biden downplays polls showing Trump beating Biden.

First Lady Jill Biden on Wednesday argued her husband, President Joe Biden, will display his intelligence during next month's presidential debate while Donald Trump “can't put a sentence together.”

“I think the American people deserve a debate because you need to see your choices,” Biden said during an interview on  “The View.” “You need to see Trump, and you need to see the president, and you need to see the differences. And my husband's — and you're going to see how smart he is and the experience he has. And then you'll see somebody who ... can't put a sentence together.”

“I think ... the American people deserve to see the two men who are running for this office, because your choice is going to be clear,” Biden added.

Biden also praised the greater restrictions over crosstalk — a particular complaint during the 2020 debate — in the upcoming debates.

“What is the strategy that the president has going into this? Any tips you'd have for a debate that we could pull off where we could actually hear our candidates?” “The View” co-host Sara Haines asked.

“No, they've built that in where they're going to turn off those mics so that somebody can't ramble or scream at somebody — you know, not that my husband would be the one doing that,” Biden replied.

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