PoliticsThursday 09.22.22

Speaker Pelosi on MI GOP House candidate John Gibbs' group saying women don’t possess the characteristics to govern.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her opinion on Michigan Republican House candidate John Gibbs', who created a college organization that believed women don’t possess the characteristics to govern.

REPORTER: “I wonder what you think of John Gibbs, who is running for house In Michigan, who said that “women don't possess the characteristics necessary to govern…”

PELOSI: “Wait, I want everybody to hear what you're saying. Please speak up, what did he say?

REPORTER: “I’m not adopting this position as my own.”

PELOSI: “I just want them to know what that candidate said.”

REPORTER: “…And men were smarter because they think logically about broad abstract ideas in order to deduce the suitable conclusion without relying upon emotional reasoning.”

PELOSI: “That what he say? I thought he said that passage of the 19th Amendment is what made us a totalitarian state when women had the right to vote, didn’t he something like that too? And didn't he, he was also part of a motion or movement to repeal the 19th Amendment for women to have the right to vote. I think that I hear something like that every day around here, when people say that women shouldn't be able to make their choices about contraception or their own reproductive health, that's a sign of disrespect for women. What he's saying is outrageous, I don't think many members of here would subscribe to that, but the insult to women’s intelligence is one that exists in many forms around here.”

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