PoliticsThursday 10.13.22

Speaker Pelosi on 1/6: “It could take time to clean up the poo poo that they’re making ... in the Capitol."

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During the January 6th Committee, a video was played showing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi learning that someone had defecated on the House floor during the insurrection.

PELOSI: “What we are being told very directly it's going to take days for the Capitol to be okay again. We've gotten a very bad report about the condition of the House floor. There’s defecation and all that kind of thing as well. I don't think that that's hard to clean up but I do think it is more from a security standpoint of making sure that everybody is out of the building and how long will that take. I just got off with the Vice President, but what we left the conversation with cause he said he had the impression from Mitch that Mitch wants to get everybody back to do it there. I said that, well, we’re getting a counterpoint that it could time to clean up the poo-poo that they’re making all over the, literally and figuratively, in the Capitol. And that it may take days to get back.”

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