PoliticsWednesday 07.20.22

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) argues increasing law enforcement will prevent mass shootings.

Senator Ted Cruz argued in a session on a bill that would ban assault weapons, that increasing law enforcement will prevent mass shootings, rather than restricting gun availability.

“If we want to stop crimes, we need to get the criminals off the streets. And we need to increase law enforcement. Now, we just had a debate on gun control and the Democrats passed a bill with some Republicans’ support that I think is likely to do nothing to prevent violent crime.”

The 18-year-old shooter who killed 19 students and injured 17 other people at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas – Senator Cruz’s home state –had no criminal record but had been flagged to police for behavioral issues in the past. He bought two AR-15-style rifles legally on his 18th birthday, just a week before he would embark on the massacre, in which he also shot his grandmother in the face, wounding but not killing her.

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