PoliticsThursday 05.19.22

Sen. Paul (R-KY) calls for the Supreme Court to use a lie detector test to find who leaked the overturning Roe opinion.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) called for the Supreme Court to use a lie detector test to identify the person behind the leaked Roe v Wade draft.

While talking to Fox News from Capitol Hill, Paul said that the 12 judges should be brought in and asked under oath with the lie detector test about who leaked the document referring to overturning Roe v Wade.

He criticized the demonstrations outside the judges’ homes and said that he valued the First Amendment but disorderly conduct would not help to justify it.

“Liberal or conservative, we don't want violence, but we also don't want somebody working at the Supreme Court who is a liar and who is dishonest,” he said. Paul also said that whoever was responsible for the leaked draft should be “prosecuted and barred from practicing law”.

He has been an advocate of pro-life and raised his concern that a pro-life constitutional amendment should be passed.

Paul recently blocked a $40 billion aid to Ukraine saying it was a “gift” that the U.S. cannot afford right now.


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