PoliticsMonday 09.26.22

Sen. Minority Leader McConnell praises Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ): “She is ... a genuine moderate and a deal-maker.”

Senate Minority Leader McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, praises Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, while speaking at an event held by The McConnell Center. The McConnell Center was established by Senator Mitch McConnell in 1991 in partnership with the University of Louisville as a non-partisan center to foster the next generation of Kentucky leaders. Senator Sinema spoke at the event titled “The Future of Political Discourse/Importance of Bipartisanship.” Senator Cinema is a first-term Senator from Arizona and although she is a Democrat, she frequently acts as a moderate and doesn’t always align with the Democratic Party.

MCCONNELL: “I've only known Kirsten for four years, but she is in my view and I’ve told her this, the most effective first term Senator I've seen in my time in the Senate. She is, today what we have too few of in the Democratic party, a genuine moderate and a deal maker.”

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