PoliticsFriday 10.14.22

Sen. Graham (R-SC): "You're never gonna get a better outcome electing the same people that got you in this mess."

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Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, critiqued President Biden while campaigning for Republicans. Senator Lindsey Graham came under fire a few weeks ago for introducing a bill that would have federally mandated a 15-week abortion ban. Although it was an extremely restrictive abortion ban, which is generally aligned with Republican ideals, he lost support from his party with the fact that this would have been a federally mandated plan. The midterm elections are only a few weeks away and it is set to be a very tight race to see which party controls the House and the Senate. Abortion and inflation are primary issues for voters.

GRAHAM: “What Joe Biden has done in twenty one, twenty two months is up end America, and make us less safe around the globe. You never going to get a better outcome electing the same people who got you in this mess.“

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