PoliticsMonday 08.08.22

Sen. Cruz (R-TX) attacks Jon Stewart as a “wild-eyed, leftist demagogue” for going after GOP opposing the PACT Act.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacked Jon Stewart on his ‘Verdict’ podcast as a “wild-eyed, leftist demagogue” for going after members of the GOP who opposing the PACT Act.

TED CRUZ: Jon Stewart proceeded to go on this this profanity-laced tirade blasting me, blasting other Republicans and basically his thesis was that apparently, Republicans hate veterans. We’re just, you know, when you think about Republicans, what is it that characterizes Republicans in the mind of a wild-eyed leftist demagogue? It's that we don't like veterans. Mind you, that that is facially absurd.

But the problem is Stewart is not being a legitimate advocate, he's not being an honest broker, he's being a partisan hack and he saw an opportunity to use this to scream and curse and attack and try to deceive, look, people who are not paying much attention but just hear Stewart screaming ‘Republicans hate veterans,’ some of them might be deceived into believing that.

It was dishonest when Stewart started, it remains dishonest today.

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