PoliticsWednesday 10.12.22

Robbie Parker, whose daughter was killed in Sandy Hook: “It shouldn’t be this hard, and it shouldn’t be this scary.”

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Robbie Parker, whose daughter was killed in Sandy Hook, spoke tearfully outside the courthouse where Alex Jones had just been ordered to pay the Sandy Hook victim’s families around $1 billion in damages for defamation.

PARKER: “All I can really say is that I'm just proud that, what we were able to accomplish was just to simply tell the truth, and it shouldn't be this hard and it shouldn't be that scary. I shouldn't have to worry about what my daughters are going to go through when I tell them that it's best that they just tell the truth because that's all we did. Every day in that courtroom, we got up on the stand and we told the truth. Everybody that took the stand, told the truth except for one. The one who proclaims that, that's what he does, but while the truth is being said in the courtroom, he was standing right here lying.”

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