PoliticsWednesday 01.05.22

Republicans’ 1/6 Walk-back

In the days and weeks after the January 6th insurrection, something big happened. After years of defending the tweets, rants, and ramblings, elected Republicans seemed to finally break with Donald Trump. Significant figures in the party were unambiguous: the blame for the attack lay squarely at the President Trump’s feet. All of a sudden there seemed to be a real chance that the GOP’s marriage-of-convenience with the MAGA crowd might actually dissolve. But mere months later, the party consolidated behind its old position: Trump apologist. From top leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham to lesser known members of Congress, the year after January 6th saw figures across the GOP walk back, soften, or completely contradict their denunciations of the former president. In case there was any doubt: It’s still the Party of Trump.

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