PoliticsMonday 08.15.22

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) absurdly asks, “Is the IRS gearing up for war in our country?”

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Florida Republican Matt Gaetz continues to stoke fear over recent IRS job postings for agents who can carry firearms, as well as funding for arms for IRS agents included in recent legislation. Speaking on social media platform RUMBLE, Gaetz asked: “Chaos at the IRS where they are gearing up for something, like, Is the IRS gearing up for war In our country? Is Nancy Pelosi trying to start a nuclear war in Asia? Is there an effort by the National Security State to stoke violence in a civil war here at home? We certainly hope not.”

The IRS is not gearing up for war, however those recent job postings for special agents to investigate and enforce criminal investigations have been latched onto by people who wish to stoke up fear of federal overreach. According to fact-checking site Politifact, the postings have existed for years, and the level of armory is lower than it has been in the past.

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