PoliticsTuesday 10.11.22

Protesters boo Los Angeles City Council member Kevin de Leon and mockingly chant “Speak!”

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Protesters booed Los Angeles City Council member Kevin de Leon during a packed city council meeting after a recording was leaked of racist dialogue between three Latino members of the City Council. The recording occurred over a year ago but was leaked this past weekend. City Council President Nury Martinez made extremely racist and inflammatory comments with Council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera.

Martinez made extremely racist comments towards black people and commented that Councilman Mike Bonin handled his adopted black son as though he were an “accessory” and described his son as “Parece changuito,” which translates to “like a monkey.” Also, the members of the meeting made extremely derogatory remarks regarding Indigenous Oaxacans. The meeting focused primarily on redistricting efforts in Los Angeles.

Nury Martinez has since stepped down as City Council President and is currently taking a leave of absence.

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