PoliticsFriday 05.13.22

Press Sec. Psaki gets tearful while speaking about "the importance of returning integrity, respect, and civility" to WH.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got tearful during her last press briefing today.

She started off by thanking the President and the First Lady for entrusting her with the role of the press secretary for the last 15 months. She recalled her fears before their first meeting in Delaware.

“And really what we talked about for the majority of our conversation was the importance of returning integrity, respect, and civility to the White House,” she said.

But was quick to add, “that doesn't mean that we haven't let our Irish side show, mine and the President's as well from time to time.”

She hoped that she maintained the integrity and grace that she was trusted with.

Psaki dismissed the allegations that Washington was full of corruption and that nothing good happened there. She said with a choking voice that she has worked with some of the most talented people who she knew were future stars.

While trying to answer all the questions thrown at her during the last press interaction at the White House, Paski remarked that she could not comment on private transactions involving private investors hinting at Elon Musk holding back on his Twitter deal today.

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