PoliticsTuesday 10.04.22

Press Sec. Jean-Pierre to Fox's Doocy asking if Biden's responsible for gas prices: “It’s a lot more nuanced than that."

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to Fox News’ Peter Doocy asking if President Biden is responsible for gas prices.

DOOCY: “You've said the president was responsible for gas prices coming down, is the president responsible for gas prices going up?

JEAN-PIERRE: “So it's a lot more nuanced than that, right. Peter you know this. There have been global challenges that we have all dealt with, when I say all meaning other countries as well have dealt with since the pandemic. There's been pandemic and there's been Putin's war and Putin's War has increased gas prices at the pump. We have seen that over the past several months and what the President was able to do, he took some historic steps when you think about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and making sure that he we were able to do everything that we can to bring that cost down for American families.”

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