PoliticsThursday 09.15.22

President Biden touts the agreement between railroad companies and unions that will avoid major supply chain issues.

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President Biden, delivering remarks in the White House Rose Garden Thursday, touted an agreement between railroad companies and unions that would avoid industrial action and thus major supply chain issues. This would have been the first major railroad strike in 30 years and would have had catastrophic effects, disrupting the supply chain and transportation, costing the US almost $2 billion per day in lost productivity.

BIDEN: “During these early dark uncertain days of the pandemic they showed up so every American could keep going. They worked tirelessly through the pandemic to ensure that families and communities got the deliveries they needed during these difficult few years. Because of the labor agreement, those rail workers will get better pay: twenty four percent wage increase over the next five years, improved working conditions, peace of mind around their health care by capping the cost that workers will have to pay and it's about the right to go to a doctor or stay healthy and make sure you're able to have the care you can afford. It's all part of this agreement.”

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