PoliticsFriday 10.21.22

President Biden asked why he wants 53 senators after the midterms: "I'm just getting greedy."

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President Biden was asked why he stated he wants to have 53 Democratic Senators after the Midterms. He responded with, "I'm just getting greedy." The reporter asked if he was referring to Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema, from Arizona, and Joe Manchin, from West Virginia. Although they are both technically in the Democratic Party, they act as Moderates and will sometimes vote with the Republican Party. When President Biden was trying to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, he had to concede a fair amount in the bill in order to get Senator Sinema’s and Senator Manchin’s votes.

REPORTER: “On the midterms, sir, last night, you said, you need 53, not 51 votes to pass your agenda.”

BIDEN: “I’m just getting greedy.”

REPORTER: “What did you mean by that? Were you referring to Manchin and Sinema?”

BIDEN: “No, I just think the more we have the more certain. 51 just gives me one more. I'd like to have three more, it’d make it a lot easier.”

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