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Pence Put in Charge of Coronavirus

Feeling super safe with Mike Pence as our Coronavirus Czar.

Biden’s campaign has made quite the turnaround since this time last month — analyze how his messaging has changed from then to now.
Thursday, 03.12.2020
Communications Expert Breaks Down Biden's New Message
U.S. jobless claims soar to 16.8 million, Senate faces a stalemate on the fourth stimulus package, and social distancing seems to be flattening the curve.
Thursday, 04.09.2020
Unemployment's Rising Rate, Senate's Stimulus Stalemate
Philadelphia is preparing for a surge in COVID-19 patients, turning a sports arena and defunct juvenile detention center into field hospitals. And yet the 170-year-old Hahnemann Hospital remains empty.
Thursday, 04.09.2020
Hahnemann Held Hostage
Bernie drops out of the presidential race, Trump fires two IGs and publicly lambasts a third, and McConnell is ready to vote on $250 billion for small businesses.
Wednesday, 04.08.2020
Sanders Clears Way for Biden, Trump Axes Two Inspectors General
It has become apparent that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting African-American communities, based on numbers reported from multiple states and cities.
Wednesday, 04.08.2020
Racial Disparities in Coronavirus Deaths
Courts play partisan politics during the Wisconsin primaries, Trump denies seeing Navarro’s pandemic warnings, and African Americans face higher risk for COVID-19 complications.
Tuesday, 04.07.2020
Wisconsin Votes Amid Lockdown, Trump Denies Memo Screwup
Let’s set the record straight about hydroxychloroquine. Doctors explain what it is, why Trump is pushing it as possible COVID-19 treatment, and how the fallout is affecting patients who actually rely on it.
Tuesday, 04.07.2020
Hydroxychloroquine Explained
We set Trump up with telehealth so he could ask medical professionals about hydroxychloroquine.
Tuesday, 04.07.2020
Trump's Telehealth Zoom
Trump touts hydroxychloroquine pills despite FDA warning, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is moved to the ICU, WI Supreme Court overrides Gov. Evers’ election executive order.
Tuesday, 04.07.2020
Boris Heads to ICU, Trump Ignores FDA
There are now more than 1.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 69,000 deaths worldwide. Some countries are over the peak, but for others, the situation remains grim.
Monday, 04.06.2020
Coronavirus Updates From Around the World
Trump continues to be optimistic about the “light at the end of the tunnel” despite the fact that Dr. Fauci and the surgeon general warn the worst is yet to come.
Monday, 04.06.2020
Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Governors' fears continue to surge while Trump continues his post-impeachment purge.
Sunday, 04.05.2020
U.S. Braces for Impact, Intel Watchdog Gets Sacked
The coronavirus pandemic continued to realign the presidential race this week, delaying Democrats' summer convention and foreshadowing a bruising fight over voting rights in the fall.
Sunday, 04.05.2020
Pandemic Reshuffles 2020 Landscape
More Dreadful Jobs Numbers \ Reversal: Masks Recommended \ NY Leaders Band Together \ Bullshit Corner: Kushner Edition
Friday, 04.03.2020
Unemployment Surges, Masks Recommended
The Navy fired Captain Brett Crozier for issuing a memo about 100+ COVID-19 cases on his ship. But to his crew, Crozier is a hero.
Friday, 04.03.2020
Navy Fires Captain Who Sounded Coronavirus Alarm
Americans filed almost 10 million jobless claims in just two weeks, governors plead for more medical supplies as the stockpile dwindles, and there’s still no national lockdown even as 90% of Americans have stay-at-home orders.
Thursday, 04.02.2020
10 Million Jobless Claims Filed
Georgia Gov. Kemp finally issued a statewide shelter-in-place order starting Friday. Even more troubling, he also revealed that he JUST learned asymptomatic people could also transmit coronavirus.
Thursday, 04.02.2020
Gov. Kemp’s Delayed Action on Coronavirus
The party's over for 40+ University of Texas at Austin students who returned from spring break with coronavirus.
Thursday, 04.02.2020
Spring Break Super Spreaders
Fact-checking Trump is a tall task. But where exactly does the president get his misinformation? Griffin Hammond explains.
Thursday, 04.02.2020
Where Trump Gets His Misinformation
A new model projects 240K deaths even if we had a nationwide lockdown, Pelosi suggests vote-by-mail, and the FBI investigates Sen. Burr about suspicious stock trading,
Wednesday, 04.01.2020
Trump Rejects National Lockdown Despite 240K Death Toll Estimate
Governors are still waiting for their promised test kits, the Dow closes its worst first quarter ever, and 30 states issue stay-at-home orders.
Tuesday, 03.31.2020
Trump Admin’s 27 Million Tests are a No-Show
Trump extends social distancing timeline, suggests death toll of 200K is still a success, and accuses New York of hoarding medical supplies.
Monday, 03.30.2020
Trump Moves Goalposts on Coronavirus Deaths
The coronavirus-related death of an inmate in federal custody has sparked discussions about the pandemic’s impact on prisons.
Monday, 03.30.2020
Pandemic Threatens Prison Population
If Trump botched the coronavirus response, then why are his approval ratings still rising? It could have something to do with his press briefings-turned-rallies.
Monday, 03.30.2020
How Trump Turns Briefings Into Rallies
President Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30. Pelosi has her sights on the next stimulus package. And governors put out a desperate call for ventilators.
Monday, 03.30.2020
Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines
With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to upend the presidential race, the candidates moved to a split-screen campaign this week — delivering two messages for two Americas.
Saturday, 03.28.2020
Coronavirus Split-Screen: Pandemic Sends Candidates Toward Collision
Trump Goes After Dem Governors \ Trump's 15-Day Deadline Looms \ Drama Over Stimulus Passage \ U OK in U.K.?
Friday, 03.27.2020
Trump Lashes Out at Democratic Governors
The president has repeatedly claimed the U.S. is testing more than any other country. Naturally this calls for some serious fact-checking.
Friday, 03.27.2020
Trump's Bogus Testing Boast
A record 3.3 million Americans filed unemployment claims this past week. The $2 trillion stimulus package/rescue bill finally passed the senate. And the U.S. death toll surpasses 1,100 while known cases rise to 80,000+.
Thursday, 03.26.2020
Jobless Claims Smash All-Time Record
Nearly one third of the world's population — a whopping 2.5 billion people — are under coronavirus-related lockdowns or restrictions.
Thursday, 03.26.2020
Coronavirus Around the World
The Senate reaches a stimulus deal, lawmakers and health experts won't grant Trump's Easter wish, and Cuomo continues to one-up Trump.
Thursday, 03.26.2020
Senate Stimulus Hits Roadblock \ Pushback on Re-Opening Economy \ Gov. Cuomo vs. Trump \ Ugandan PSA Jam