PoliticsTuesday 10.18.22

NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D): "Fighting crime, fighting inequality, fighting rats ..."

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Watch this compilation of some of the best quotes from a New York City press conference on trash management to help with the rat infestation plaguing the city. Featuring Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, and other government officials, this press conference did not hold back on the jokes. New York City, although a great city, does not have allies so trash is laid on the sidewalks to be picked up by the Sanitation Department, resulting in a rat infestation problem.

“Fighting crime, fighting inequality, fighting rats. Some of the same folks are criticizing us now, called me a murderer because I was killing rats. I hate rats.”

“Shut down the all night, all you can eat rat buffet. The rats are absolutely going to hate this announcement. The rats don't run this city, we do. The rats hate that too.”

“This is not a Ratatouille. Rats are not our friends. We are taking the fight to the rats.”

“Well, you know what? We're going to kill rats.”

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