PoliticsWednesday 09.21.22

NY Attorney General Letitia James calls to “permanently prohibit any of [Trump’s] companies from doing business" in NY.

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New York Attorney General Letitia James called to “permanently prohibit any of [Trump’s] companies from doing business" in New York. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced a lawsuit against Trump for violating the law as part of his efforts to generate profits. The Attorney General said that Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization committed more than 200 criminal acts by falsifying asset evaluations to inflate their wealth.

JAMES: “To cancel any certificate filed under and by virtue of the provisions of Section 130 of the general business law for the corporate entities named as defendants and any other entity controlled by or beneficially owned by Donald Trump, which participated in or benefited from the ongoing financial scheme. In other words, permanently prohibit any of these companies from doing business in the state of New York. I want to be clear white collar financial crime is not a victimless crime. When the well-connected break the law to take in more money that they are entitled to, it reduces resources to working people, to regular people, to small businesses and to all taxpayers.”

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