PoliticsThursday 05.05.22

The 2022 NBA Playoffs Are Straight Fire

There’s still a long way to go in one of the most exciting NBA postseasons in recent memory. In any sport, when the stakes are higher, so is the level of play. But that goes double in the NBA Playoffs, where the competition is simply way more intense compared to the regular season. Every possession matters. No one can hide from the pressure. And it’s fascinating to see who steps up and who shrinks in the moment.

LZ and Will discuss the best individual performances and the drama that’s seen two road teams win already, and later preview the second round of the playoffs.

There are “three revelations” in LZ’s book. For one, Jordan Poole is reflecting Steph Curry’s talent over with the Golden State Warriors. Second: sure, Ja Morant missed a game-winning layup, but his Memphis Grizzlies are only in this series (and have a chance at the Finals) because of him.

Last (and, yes, best), Giannis Antetokounmpo is proving he’s the most effective player alive. His Boston Celtics opponent Jayson Tatum is 6’8,” and yet Giannis “made him look like Muggsy Bogues,” LZ says. “And now that he's a champion, he just seems so much more confident and relaxed.” As a result, “this series and the next series will be cakewalks for the Bucks, unless the dynamic duo in Boston [Jayston Tatum and Jaylen Brown] start going nuclear.”

The Long Game