PoliticsMonday 05.09.22

Natali Tene testifies during celebrity chef Mario Batali's misconduct trial. Claims he groped her while taking a selfie.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is on trial in Boston this week for alleged sexual abuse and harassment. The 61-year-old television personality, award-winning author, and restaurateur, who plead not guilty to charges of indecent battery and assault, waived his right to a jury trial on Monday, deciding instead to let a judge determine his fate.

Batali’s accuser, Natali Tene, testified that Batali groped her during a series of selfies at a Boston bar in 2017. “At a certain point, I was like there was no good photo here. This is not, this is not about photos. This is him touching me, grabbing me, and saying ‘one more, one more,’ but his hand is on my vagina now,“ Tene said.

In 2017, four women accused Batali of inappropriate touching, which led Batali to step away from daily operations at his restaurant empire. The women alleged that Batali was engaged in this type of behavior for over two decades.

If convicted, Batali could serve a maximum of two and a half years in the Suffolk County House of Correction. He would also be required to register as a sex offender.

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