PoliticsWednesday 03.20.24

Moskowitz prods GOP to officially impeach Biden: “[I] make the motion...Go ahead. It’s your turn. You second it.”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) snarkily prodded Republicans to officially impeach President Joe Biden at the House Oversight Committee hearing on the Biden family’s business dealings Wednesday.

Moskowitz began by questioning GOP witness Tony Bobulinski on whether he believes the panel’s Republican chair, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), has proven the president guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors after the 15 months that have been spent investigating the Biden family.

“I believe with all the evidence he’s gathered, yes,” Bobulinski replied.

“I mean, let’s just do the impeachment,” Moskowitz said. “I mean, why continue to waste millions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money if we’re going to impeach because you believe you’ve shown he’s committed a high crime and misdemeanor? What are you waiting on?”

“Let’s just do it. I mean, by the way, we got Chairman Jordan here also — the double chairmen,” Moskowitz continued, turning to Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“If you believe you can’t call for the impeachment now, then what you’re admitting is you haven’t yet proven that he’s committed a high crime and misdemeanor. You haven’t proven it yet. Otherwise, you would call for it, I assume,” the Florida Democrat kept pressing.

“The chairman knows me well. I mean, I’m just here to help him, right? And so I just think we should do it today. Let’s just call for it. I’ll make the motion, Mr. Chairman,” Moskowitz prodded. “[I] make the motion to impeach President Biden. Go ahead. It’s your turn. You second it.”

“No, nothing. OK, we got nothing,” Moskowitz exclaimed when both chairs refused.

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