PoliticsThursday 04.28.22

Moderna requests FDA authorization of low-dose vaccines for children under the age of six.

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Moderna asked the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize the use of low doses of its COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old.

Moderna announced positive data on two doses of its pediatric vaccine, last month. It reported that the vaccine generated a strong immune response similar to that seen in adults, thereby reducing the risk of being infected by 51%, and also that there were no significant risks involved.

“This is a safe vaccine. We've shown it to be safe in this study in this age group and it has good protection and good production of antibodies,” said Dr. Paul Burton, the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna.

Kids under the age of six are the only age group that is yet to be eligible for vaccination in the U.S. So if the FDA moves on to authorize the dose for the children, it will be a piece of welcoming news for many parents and kids.

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