PoliticsTuesday 05.28.24

Michael Fanone warns Trump would be "an authoritarian who answers to and serves only himself" if he wins the election.

Former police officer Michael Fanone, who protected the Capitol on January 6th, warned Americans on Tuesday that Donald Trump seeks to become “an authoritarian” who won’t answer to them.

“This election is about Donald Trump and his vision for the office of the president of the United States — not as a public servant who answers to the … people who elected him, but as an authoritarian who answers to and serves only himself,” Fanone, a former D.C. Metropolitan Police officer, said as he stumped for the Joe Biden campaign outside Trump’s New York hush money criminal trial.

“I'm just one representative, of the hundreds of police officers that were assaulted that day by Donald Trump's supporters, inspired by his lies, the lies that continue to this day to inspire my fellow Americans to turn against their fellow Americans, to turn against police officers,” Fanone said.

The Biden campaign held the press conference outside the courthouse with Fanone, former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, and outspoken Trump critic and actor Robert De Niro as closing arguments were taking place in the former president’s trial. The jury is expected to start deliberating this week — a prospect that brought Trump supporters who derided the former officers as “traitors,” earning a rebuke from De Niro.

The press conference marked the Biden campaign’s first event outside the courthouse, which has attracted a stream of Republican officials who have lambasted the trial, the judge, witnesses, and the gag order Trump is under.

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