TechnologyTuesday 10.11.22

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuts his revamped avatar for “Horizon Worlds” online game.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuted his revamped avatar for “Horizon Worlds” online game. Mark Zuckerberg had previously come under attack for the poor graphics and unrealistic avatars that had originally been debuted by Meta.

ZUCKERBERG: “Now, to find out what's next on the road map we’re going to need to shift gears. So if you're joining us in VR, hold tight and I'll see you in a sec. Hey, we're here together in Horizon and this is the first time that we've done this at connect, and this is a preview of our next generation of avatars. They're so much more expressive and detailed than anything else today. And they have this unique Meta style to them. Now, it's a lot of work to build AI to auto generate these for billions of people and then give everyone the tools to make sure that your avatar feels like your own, but I'm excited to start rolling these out later next year, on phones, VR headsets and more.”

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