PoliticsMonday 05.09.22

NY AG Letitia James announces legislation to fund abortion clinics and help people out-of-state seeking abortions.

At a press conference Monday, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D-NY) announced a new bill to protect and expand access to abortion.

New York Democrats State Senator Cordell Cleare and State Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas sponsored the bill, known as The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program.

The legislation would create a state program to deliver New York State-based abortion providers dedicated financial resources. The funds would provide financial support to people seeking an abortion but who cannot afford one.

“New York must lead the fight to keep abortion safe and accessible for all who seek it,” Attorney General James said in a press statement.

The program would also provide financial support to individuals traveling to New York to have an abortion. This is especially significant in light of the recent leak of the Supreme Court’s draft ruling on Roe v. Wade, which indicated that the Court was leaning towards overturning the 1973 landmark court case that established a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion.

If the Supreme Court ultimately rules to ban abortion, "26 States will ban and or are likely to ban abortion,” Attorney General James said.

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