PoliticsMonday 06.03.24

Kid on House floor makes funny faces as Rep. John Rose (R-TN) rails against the Trump conviction.

A child on the floor of the House of Representatives made funny faces as Rep. John Rose railed against Donald Trump's New York conviction.

A jury on Thursday found Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records as part of a hush money scheme to bury stories of alleged extramarital affairs that he feared could hurt his campaign in 2016. He was the first former president to stand trial on criminal charges.

“I rise today to address the terrible precedent set in our country four days ago,” the Tennessee Republican said Monday as the child leaned more into frame.

“Using the justice system to engage in a politically driven prosecution — and now conviction — of a major political party nominee running for president, especially on the charges brought against Donald Trump, should gravely concern every member of this body as well as every American across our country, whether they be Republican or Democrat, for Donald Trump or against him,” as the kid smiled ear to ear in the background.

Then, the child began making faces with his tongue sticking out as Rose said, “Regardless of one's opinion of the current Republican nominee, we'd be well served to remember the long and cherished tradition we have in this country of settling our political differences at the ballot box.”

The kid then went on to make signals with his hands.

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