PoliticsFriday 05.13.22

Kansas City Mayor Lucas: "In most cities ... you're not catching people say 'we want to get rid of all the police.'"

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas visited the White House today with interim Police Chief Joseph Mabin to discuss how local police departments could use the federal government funding for increased public safety.

Lucas said that he has discussed with the police chief about recruiting and retaining more police officers. He claimed that people in most cities across America do not want to get rid of the police but want them to engage in communities, and interact with neighborhoods so that the local people get to know them.

“That's why these investments, in my opinion, are so important because then you build up community trust, which helps you solve a crime. It helps you actually build the relationships that you need to long term,” he said.

Lawmakers of Missouri approved two bills today that will require the Kansas City government to spend more on law enforcement. Lucas was visiting the national capital when the voting took place.

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