PoliticsMonday 06.24.24

“It's impossible to stay quiet“: Misha Collins explains why he's now speaking out about threats to abortion access.

Actor Misha Collins on Monday explained why he is now speaking out about threats to abortion access if former president Donald Trump returns to office.

“I've been an activist on social media and using my platform for many years, but I've spent a long time shying away from abortion as an issue, because I think reasonable people can disagree on that issue, and I make allowances for that,” Collins said at a campaign event with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff in Oakland County, Michigan. “But where we find ourselves today, in this Donald Trump's ‘Handmaid's Tale’ version of America, so transcends reasonable — we're so far outside the parameters of what reasonable conversations about this issue should be — that it's impossible to stay quiet at this point.”

The actor criticized the lengths that pregnant women are forced to go to to get medical treatment during their pregnancies due to “draconian, new laws that Donald Trump put into place,” and emphasized the fact that Trump could appoint more U.S. Supreme Court justices to expand those laws.

“Michigan, you are the epicenter of this battle because you are one of the most important swing states, and you may hold the keys to a second Biden-Harris administration that will protect women's health care, will protect the environment, will prevent billionaires from getting more tax cuts at the expense of working Americans,” Collins said.

“I know that for a lot of young people, Joe Biden isn't the sexiest president, but he's an incredibly effective leader, and he's done so many good things for this country,” Collins continued. “And held up in comparison to Donald Trump, this is a true example of good vs. evil, and there's no question about it.”

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