PoliticsTuesday 06.18.24

"I love Milwaukee. I was the one that picked Milwaukee”: Donald Trump denies he called RNC host city “horrible.”

"I love Milwaukee. I was the one that picked Milwaukee:" Trump denies claims he called Milwaukee a “horrible city.”Donald Trump on Tuesday denied claims he called Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the host of the Republican National Convention, a “horrible city."

“I love Milwaukee,” the presumptive Republican presidential candidate said at a campaign rally in the nearby town Racine. “I was the one that picked Milwaukee.”

Last week, in a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, Trump reportedly called Milwaukee a “horrible” city. Republicans will formally nominate Trump as their presidential candidate next month at the Republican National Convention in Wisconsin.

Trump has denied that he spoke ill about the city in the first place.

“These lying people that they say, oh, he doesn't like Milwaukee,” he continued. “I love Milwaukee. I said you got to fix the crime.”

The former president changed his plans and will now stay in Milwaukee during the convention to avoid offending the city, which is in a key battleground state in the 2024 election. Initially, Trump planned to stay at the Trump Hotel located in Chicago but altered course once reporters asked about his lodging.

“I think you had about ten congressmen in a meeting that we had recently where I said how much I like Milwaukee,” Trump later asserted. “They all came out. They said, that's what he said, we can't help it. And they're truthful people.”

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