PoliticsTuesday 07.02.24

“I dissent”: Biden reacts to Supreme Court’s Trump partial immunity ruling, invoking Sotomayor’s scathing decent.

In a special address from the White House Monday evening, President Joe Biden reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that Donald Trump and other former presidents are partially immune from criminal prosecution:

“Now, over 200 years later, with today's Supreme Court decision, once again, it'll depend on the character of the men and women who hold that presidency that are going to define the limits of the power of the presidency, because the law will no longer do it. I know I will respect the limits of the presidential powers as I have for three and a half years. But any president, including Donald Trump, will now be free to ignore the law. I concur with Justice Sotomayor's dissent today. Here’s what she said. She said, ‘In every use of official power, the president is now a king above the law. With fear for our democracy, I dissent,’ end of quote. So should the American people dissent. I dissent. May God bless you all, and may God help preserve our democracy. Thank you.”

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